What is gadchick? It’s a place for gadgets geared towards making a woman’s life easier, and for women who love gadgets and technology...we like gadgets too, and we aren’t going to show you a million pictures of phone cases with pink Hello Kitty images. Our team geeks out over everything from LEGO, pop culture, coding, blogging, Apple to Android and everything in between. These are the women that write for gadchick and you are the reader that makes gadchick. Thanks for reading! 

Emily Dismukes - Contributing Writer
A 19-year-old college student who loves to write, make art, and play with technology.
She’s a card-carrying Apple Fangirl and recently got back into gaming via her Nintendo DS.
The rest of Emily’s tech time is split between her Kindle and her Canon DSLR.
She finds it hard to resist any gadget, no matter how much she actually needs it,
and she loves exploring new ways of using technology to help
Oh! Emily Made That.

Marisa Chaples - Contributing Writer
A funny mix of nerdy tomboy and crafty girly girl, Marisa (mah-REE-sah)
can usually be found on her computer browsing Reddit, playing the latest title on Xbox,
or up to her nose with her newest DIY project. She enjoys reading books, watching films,
painting her nails, anything having to do with space, exploring new music, fashion, design,
and gadgets, and giving Amazon all of her money. She works as a Nanny and Personal Assistant
and lives in New Jersey with her doofy black lab Chloe.
Contact her at marisa@gadchick.com or at her blog
A Parallel of Latitude.

Kam - Contributing Writer
A Gadchick contributing writer from Southern California who loves to has a self-proclaimed
addiction to social media. Kam is enjoys keeping up with tech news, hitting her local comic book store on
Wednesday nights, and exploring on the weekends. Most of the time she can be found at a climbing gym, on her yoga mat,
or sleeping under the stars. Kam has a blog called
Campfire Chic,
and can be found on Twitter.


Katie is a local writer in Pittsburgh, PA, where she lives with her husband.
Originally born in Virginia, Katie moved northward after graduating from college
in search of excitement and snow (she figures one out of two is pretty good).
She pens urban fantasy and “strange” fiction and also enjoys putting together
essays on writing. She has been featured online on Every Day Fiction, Airplane
Reading and The Shortest Fiction. She calls bohemianonrye.com her
home, and her first novel "Cape and Dagger" can be found on Amazon.

Mandy Curtis- Editor
Mandy is a small town girl living in a nerdy world. She likes alphabetization, colored jeans, crafting/diy, family,
friends, grammar, lists, movies, rainy weather, reading, superheroes, T-shirt-of-the-day sites and TV.
She dislikes allergies, being hot, humidity, dentist trips, people wearing mascot suits and public speaking.
She currently lives in Austin, TX, with her mister, Colt, and their dog, Mrs. Mollie Weasley. She blogs about
whatever strikes her fancy—often something geeky—at
Chocolate & Cream Cake.

Beth Cramer - Editor
A geek gadabout who is attempting to go pro as a nerd.
You can find her tweeting at twitter.com/bethfury,
on XBox Live as BooghostsLTD, or at her website http://beth-fury.net

Sophie - Creative Director
Sophie is an illustrator & jewellery maker from England.
She loves making-over blogs, reading serial killer biographies & snuggling her furbaby Dexter.
She works on the design & tech stuff - so if something goes wrong blame her!

Aline Callicott - Director of Social Media, PR
A social media obsessed technology lover and video game enthusiast.
When she is not Tweeting, G+ing,Tumbling, Pinning, or Facebook stalking for Gadchick, she is hard at work on her
fashion and lifestyle blog.
Always a camera and Android phone by her side, much of Aline’s free time is spent gaming with her boyfriend.
She can be found CTRL+TABing between high heels on sale, Reddit comments, Hello Kitty, Steam sales, tech forums,
a Newegg login screen, an Etsy logout screen, and the meme you’re going to stumble upon later this week.

Diana La Counte - Founder, Project Manager
A freelance writer, editor and consultant for various publishing companies.
Her love of technology began with her childhood crush, Data from The Goonies. She’s has been known to
choose a shiny new gadget over shiny new shoes. She loves Japanese toys, kawaii culture, and anything that beeps,
clicks, and bazingas. She doesn’t own a hair brush but she does own a computerized washer and dryer. Obviously,
she prioritizes. She blogs at ourcitylights.org

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