Gadchick Instagram Geeky Photo-a-day Challenge

We are excited to share with you our first Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge! Share your geeky photos with us for the next 10 days using the #gadchickphoto tag to join in the fun! We'll be featuring some of our favorites here. And don't forget to follow @gadchick on Twitter and Instagram!


Geeky Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is in two weeks and since you're a prepared and organized woman who loves reading our blog for ideas (ha!) you will love our Father's Day card guide. This gives you enough time to order your card and have it arrive on time, so we chose our favorite geeky shop to make it more personal- Etsy.

This sweet card from Paper Whispers  is a Father's Day card with a special blend of love and chemistry. The periodic table is used to spell out 'father' in the message, 'for my wonderful father.'
From lrhb industries this card melts our hearts a little- This snapshot from youth's past spells out "PAPA" in binary, and the translation can be found on the back of the card for those whose fluency is a little... rusty.

If you're tight on time or just don't want to wait around for a card, we found this awesome Dr. Who inspired printable card. Write your own message in this TARDIS from BohoBearPaperStudio
Ok, this is my personal favorite. Would Anakin really get A Father of the Year card from Luke? I'd like to think so. From shawnax.

This not only looks like Maurice from IT Crowd, but the greeting for your geeky dads will swell his pixelated heart. From markologie.

Some dads just won't take to cheesy cards, so give him this to make him happy. From OwlishGrey.

Don't worry, we didn't forget your gamer dad! By hycCreative.


Google Extensions To Fall In Love With

Since its launch, Google Chrome has grown quickly in use becoming the most used browser in the world.
While I am a happy Firefox user, I have begun to dip my toes into the Chrome pool because it is always important to be flexible with your tech skills and you will never know if it might be a new employer’s
preferred office browser.

Chrome has a lot to offer from seamless Google integration to its extremely solid and fast build. If you are a
Safari fan, an IE advocate, or you only look at the Internet via your phone, take the chance to have a fling with Chrome and try out a few of these extensions to improve your experience.

Library Extension- I have a Kindle addiction and, as a result, I’ve been absent recently from my local library. While this means I have a ton of books that I love, it also means a tendency to spend too much money on Amazon. With this extension, I get a chance to see if the book is available at my local library system and take advantage of my great local system.

Honey- Honey watches for coupon codes or promotions on shopping sites to help you save money. Adding a button on the checkout page of popular sites, it allows you to scan for codes before purchasing.

Pocket- Pocket is one of my favorite iPhone apps with the ability to save text to read later and this extension allows me to more easily save websites.

Google Translate- There are great international fashion and design blogs that I love but I am incapable of understanding. Google Translate has always been a helpful tool when reading about Parisian trends or Scandinavian furniture, but this extension makes it even easier.

Invisible Hand- A great partner to Honey, Invisible Hand helps you track items or flights that you are interested in to wait for drops in price. It is discrete and runs in the background, but will alert you when it is time to purchase.

What Font - What Font is an example of a great simple extension that provides an invaluable service. After turning on the extension, with a simple click, you will get full information on what font the designer has chosen.


Summertime Smartphone Apps

For those in love with their smartphone, every possible vacation, new hobby, or change in the weather can be a great excuse to download new apps to better their life or at least help in locating the best frozen
yogurt place near your hotel. As you get ready to have the best summer ever with ample swimming parties, tons of watermelon, and the best road trips ever, here are some great apps you might want to try out for your smartphone to make the most of the season.

iDrated - iPhone, .99
We all know that drinking water is important and our best intentions are always to hit our minimum, but it is not always easy to remember. In the summer this gets more important as you try to stay active despite
rising temperatures. The iDrated app works off a simple idea, track how hydrated you are and remind you when it is time to drink more. By tracking the information, it becomes easier to remember to be drinking
and your phone can join in on the battle against dehydration.
(Option for Android Users - Drinking Water)

Roadside America - iPhone, 2.99 (android app being developed)
Roadside America has been on the internet for years, a resource for providing interesting attractions and roadside sights to make any car trip legendary. In recent years, they’ve expanded this information to their
helpful app allowing you to spot nearby stops via their easy to use maps for even a trip around the neighborhood.

WebMD Allergy - Android, iPhone, free
While I love the warmer weather and blooming plants, the spring and summer comes for me with the promise of stuffy noses, itchy eyes, and all of the other wonderful symptoms of seasonal allergies. Despite my BFF Loratadine, I still am always on the lookout for possible ways to better deal with my yearly fun-ruining visitor. The WebMD Allergy app is a new partner in my seasonal battle giving me warning for particularly bad days, breaking down my allergy forecast based on the weather, and suggesting tips on how to improve my experience.

Sky View - iPhone, 1.99, free version available
Locating the Big Dipper in the night sky might be easy, but spotting the International Space Station might prove more difficult. Luckily as we get more warm nights to watch the skies, the Sky View app is here to
give us a better understanding of what we’re looking at.
(Option for Android Users - Google Sky Map)


The Games of Summer 2013

For the video game industry, the summer is never a slow period with tons of conventions, announcements, and huge game releases. 2013 is no different starting with the next-gen Xbox announcement, E3 in June, and PAX Prime in August. However, while we wait with our fingers crossed for certain news (hopefully including more Dragon Age 3 news), there are tons of games coming out this summer to keep any gamer busy when it is too hot to go outside.

The Last of Us
Sony Computer Entertainment
One of the most anticipated games of 2013, The Last of Us is scheduled for a June 2013 release on PS3. From a highly respected publisher with exceptional voice acting (including the voice of Bioshock Infinite's Booker DeWitt), The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic survival horror game that isn't just focused on horror but the emotional connection between the two main characters. You can check out more information on the story or see the trailer on its official website.

Activision Inc.
After a triumphant announcement at Comic Con 2012, this summer will see the release of the merc with a mouth's first solo video game. Deadpool is a 4th-wall breaking, overly talkative, sometimes raunchy, often violent anti-hero, beloved by Marvel fans and meme loving internet dwellers. This third-person action game will allow the players to progress as the character and interact with other Marvel heroes. While this might not be the game for everyone, for those of us who love the character, it is a long time coming.

Pikmin 3
While I still may not have my Wii U, some upcoming releases are tipping the scales in its favor. Pikmin 3 is one of those games, another installment in the classic series that will take advantage of the Wii U's functionality and GamePad. A real-time strategy game that combines cute with strategic planning, Pikmin 3 gives you control of a group of plant-like creatures that you use to solve puzzles, fight bad guys, and explore their world. My experience with the Wii U system suggests that this is the kind of game that the system was designed for and I'm excited to see how players embrace it.

Saints Row IV
Deep Silver

The Saints Row series of games is one of my guilty pleasures with the ability to customize your character's tattoos and Japanese game show gone crazy mini-games. When the series' original publisher THQ closed its doors earlier this year, I was happy to see game picked up by a new developer and, if the trailer is any indicator, had the crazy turned up even higher than previous installments. The upcoming game features your criminal gang leader becoming President, invading aliens, and mech suits, plot points that suggest the game we know and love is back and weirder than ever.


Tech Support

Welcome to this week's Tech Support! Our favorite links of the week! 

 + We are so excited for Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living. We love to check out how things works

There is an app that sends you a tweet when your baby needs changing. If it wasn't April Fool's, it's silly but worth a look.

For $70, make yourself a Trekkie, via engadget.

Are you impatiently waiting for the new Arrested Development season? Get alerted the minute it airs on Netflix, via Buzzfeed.

Are you confused about Adobe killing off Creative Suite? Read all the details and how it will effect you if you're a user on CNET News.

Halloween isn't for another few months, but babies in costume at any season are a win. We love Raegun's Hogwart's Costume.

Do you want your own Mjölnir? Learn how to build it here via engadget. 

Acer announces the world's first ultra book convertible and The Verge gets a hands on review. [/caption]

Want a sneak peek at iOS7? Cnet has you covered.

Are you overwhelmed with starting a blog or reaching yours beyond its limit.? Haute Blog is a new service to help you out.

We more to share on our Twitter throughout the week. Tech us out!


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Forget the flowers and the jewelry, get mom 8-Bit inspired gift she'll love if she's as geeky as we are. If you can't afford the latest tablet or the coolest phone, don't worry, these gift will make her smile and all under $100.

1. Pixelated 8-Bit Clear Glasses, under $5 // 2. Graphic Novelty Pillows, under $40 each // 3. Jump From Paper "Bonjour" Bag, under $100 // 4. Pixel Oven Mitts, under $15 // 5. 8-Bit Flowers, under $15

Thank you to Aline, our PR director for modeling the Jump From Paper Bag in Bonjour!


Gadgets for the Summertime

Despite my love of sweaters and boots, summertime is one of my favorite seasons and comes with some of the best activities of the year. From chasing the ice cream man to visiting the water park, the summer months are full of memories of childhood and activities that never get boring for adults. Here are some great gadgets that I’m hoping for this summer to make some of my favorite parts of the season more fun.

A New Way to Share My Music at the Beach or in the Backyard:
Summertime for this Jersey girl means trips to the Shore and barbeques in the backyard. But besides the challenge of keeping my gadgets safe at the beach, I also want a new way to listen to music during all of my summer parties.
New Set of Portable Speakers 1, 2

Tools For Making the Best Picnic:
While I still might not have my corn on the cob lightsaber, I do think this summer I want to learn how to put together a picnic that would make Martha jealous.
A Portable Bug Repeller
Picnic-Sized Gas Grill

New Ideas for Cooling Down:
I live in a city near three rivers with a bedroom on a third floor of a very old building. My summer months are spent full of very humid days, extremely stuffy nights, and the ingenuity that comes when trying to figure out how to cool down a house. While I’m always a fan of the DIY versions, I’m also on the search for new gadgets designed for making your more comfortable in the summer.
A Blade-less Fan 1, 2
Quicker Ways to Make Frozen Desserts 1, 2

Stay Connected During Your Comic-Con:

While San Diego Comic-Con might not be an event for all readers, for many of us it does mean summer vacation season. Some vacations are for disconnecting, but many vacations are for sightseeing and adventure, meaning being disconnected from our gadgets is not an option.
A Portable Battery Pack 1, 2
A Solar Powered Charger 1, 2