Gadchick Reviews: The Everpurse

When I first read about the Everpurse on Kickstarter, I instantly loved the idea and supported it. It's a clutch that comes in leather or fabric, and charges your phone and doubles as a purse. The purse is charged wirelessly by placing it on a charging mat. It sounds too good to be true but read on for the review!

This is what comes with the Everpurse

Place the purse on the charging mat, which is plugged in, and a full charge should last an average day. You don't need a special cord or a special case for your phone, you really just place it in the charging station inside the purse and let it charge on it's own.

Everpurse is 8.5" by 7", your standard clutch size. There's enough room for essentials like your wallet and keys and throw in a couple lip balms. I bought the fabric purse, and I wish I bought the leather. What happens if I tear the fabric? Do I have to buy a new Everpurse for the charger? I didn't want the option for the strap, since I would just throw this in my bag.

It takes the iPhone and Galaxy and if you upgrade your phone and you need a new charger; instead of purchasing a new Everpurse, pay $35 and they will send you a kit to install your new charger in your Everpurse.

The Everpurse did the simple task- it charged my phone. However, it was a little cumbersome for just a charger. If I was using it as the purpose of the clutch only, it would be great for running errands or a night out. However, I need more than a clutch and I could use a smaller charger I plug in via USB smaller than the Everpurse.  I also had a larger case on my phone (the Otterbox to be specific) and it didn't fit. In order for me to use it, I have to remove my case, and it only allows for a slim case. It would also be nice if you can take out the charging station and put it in any other clutch Everpurse has but it's not made this way.

The charging pad is great, but it's also a little big to just charge the purse, plus the clutch is just one more thing to charge and make room for. I do love how it's magnetic and chargers wirelessly. It's also beautiful. I never thought I'd say this about a charger but even if I did have to make room for it on my nightstand, I don't mind the space taken up by something so nice to look at.

I think this is a great purse for the busy woman or someone who works all day and can't go home for a quick charge. The colors are fashionable and it looks like a bag, not a typical tech accessory. For $189 and up, the convince is worth it. It's a great company to watch for to see how else they expand the Everpurse. Buy it here.

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