Through the Google Glass: Part 3

Part 3: Through a Google Glass, Snarky

This week, we've taken a journey through a world of pure imagination. Well, almost. We didn't tour a chocolate factory, but in the end, they flew away in a glass elevator, so I think the reference works.
Today, I'm going to take the opportunity to answer your questions about the Google Glass. These have been gathered through every means a question can be posed, from social media to delightful jabs to sour grapes.
Let's get to it!

What was your #ifihadglass application?
#ifihadglass, I would:

1.       Chronicle 50 random acts of kindness.
2.       Document my cross-country roadtrip in May. (Author's note: unfortunately since I got my Glass in July I could not do this, but I'm planning on a presentation of a scrapbooking project I've been doing from my trip to fulfill this desire)
3.       Create a music video of life in Pittsburgh for my family living in Virginia.
4.       Encounter a beluga whale.
5.       I’m a writer: “Make good art” (Neil Gaiman said to do this).

Can you read on it?
Right now, you can read on websites. When you do a Google search, it will bring up websites you can visit. Once there, you can "look around" the site and click hyperlinks using a button along the side of the strip. There is not currently a way to view, say, ebooks or documents, but I'm excited to see what sorts of links will be made between Glass and Google Drive.

Is it water-proof?
No! Don't go swimming with Glass! This was relevant to my interests, given the beluga item on my Glass application. Since then, I've found there's no danger in going out and getting caught in a few sprinkles, but it's very sensitive technology.

How well does the voice recognition work?
Short answer: generally well. Google can recognize many familiar words and will adjust spelling as you speak. An interesting story, though...I was initially concerned because I really hate how voice programs won't take into account natural punctuation. This often results in an email going, "Hi Josh we should hang out at the movies I can't wait to see you have you had lunch yet talk more soon." With Glass, I found that when dictating emails, I could actually say, "Hi comma Josh exclamation point" and have it come out appropriately! Neat, huh?

What social media functions with Glass?
So many! Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Evernote, Pinterest and Tumblr are all accessible through MyGlass. Decide you don't want all that on there? You can toggle it off from the MyGlass page.
There are also new apps that are being developed outside of Google. For example, I am currently playing with Throughlass, a Facebook enhancement app. I also have a Glass To Do app, which allows me to make task lists on Glass.

Are you some kind of Glasshole?
Ah, Glasshole. A word I've unfortunately gotten used to over the last several months. The fact of the matter is this: there will always be people who have a negative outlook when it comes to new technology. And with good reason, I suppose: just as you will always have your friend who can't put their phone down, there will probably be those out there who will only have Glass off their face if it's charging.
Here's the thing: I enjoy playing with Glass and trying new things, but I am very conscientious about when and how I am using it. It isn't fair to generalize people who want to try something new and fun, especially during a time when the development of this device hinges on people experimenting with it and sharing their findings. Creating a negative atmosphere stunts growth by trying to make it seem like all Explorers are weird or annoying.

Is it worth it?  (Another variation to this question is: what's the point?)
Another short answer: yes.
A longer answer that also address the variation: Google Glass is what you make of it. When I was deciding whether or not I wanted to buy one, I was pretty open-minded. I tried not to have any concrete expectations, and I allowed myself to be pleased with the opportunity to uncover its many mysterious qualities and abilities.

That said, if you are expecting an amazing cell phone, super capacity portable hard drive, and a digital camera that can photograph the eyelashes on a butterfly...all bundled into one Star-Trek-esque facial computer...sorry, pal. Consider this my invitation to join the club. I'd love that too, because Glass is not that.
If, instead, you are looking for something to enhance your perception of the world and put interaction with it in a more immediate reach, Glass is absolutely worth it. If you are looking for a tool to take your business to the next level or create a more personal interaction with customers, fans and loved ones, that is absolutely the point of Glass. 

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