New Tech Tools to Leverage Your Paper Obsession

Even if you strive for a paperless office and purchase every new organizational iPhone app that hits the market, it is hard to resist the draw of a fresh and empty paper notebook. Like the Trapper Keeper we all needed for the first day of middle school or the first notebook bought embossed with our Alma Mater’s seal, technology might be wonderful but it may never 100% replace the physical page. Luckily, new products are hitting the market allowing us to combine our love of all things digital with the unique joy of starting the first page of a brand new journal.

Evernote is one of those dream applications with all of the qualities I love; a great web app, great desktop app, and great phone app all combined into organized. When you take a product that I already love and combine it with a beloved icon like Moleskine notebooks, you have magic and a product that the obsessed with order will love.
Complete with tags that can be recognized by your camera and the app, the notebook is designed with the purpose of having your pages scanned into the Evernote app for easy reference. While you don’t need one of these notebooks to copy your handwritten pages into Evernote, the added functionality, ease of use, and guaranteed readable quality definitely makes it worth it.

Designed exclusively to work with their proprietary app (for iOS and Android), Whitelines would’ve been perfect during my brief College stint as a paid notetaker. Similarly to the Evernote book, the Whiteline series of notebooks are designed for easy scanning for future reference. They combine this with a great feature allowing a simple check mark on the bottom of your page when scan to automatically email your notes directly to an address specified by you. When choosing between Whitelines and the Moleskine option, it might boil down to which color to you like more: White or Black.

While writing this post, my husband commented that he wished there was a pen that would just copy everything he wrote digitally. When I told him that existed, he was so excited I felt the need to include it (and note it down for a future holiday).
The Echo SmartPen series is designed to allow you to directly upload your writing to a variety of programs (including Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, and Google Docs) for future use. It also allows for recording, making this another tool I wish I had in college.
Any other suggestions of great products marrying our love of the hard copy with the digital age?

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