Gadchick reviews: Gumdrop case and giveaway!

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Gumdrop Drop Tech Series for Kindle Fire case.

I am a heavy user of the Kindle Fire and I do not plan on replacing this case anytime in the near future! It is made of a durable rubber and provides excellent gripping for my heavy reading and my intense tower defense games. Thanks to this case, my Kindle has survived 2 falls without a scratch. In fact, I've "tested" it by having it tumble down a flight of stairs, hitting pretty hard, and it was still in tact. I think it could survive being tossed out of a second story window! It does however add a little weight or girth to the device. While it isn't "cute" like most of the cases that I gravitate towards, it provides the actual protection that my butterfingers need. The case pretty much envelops the whole Kindle, even covering the power button (but still keeping it functional, as it replaces it with a rubber power button.)

My only complaint is that if you already have a screen protector film like I do, the Gumdrop case screen protector plastic does not make a perfect seal. I get air in between film and plastic which can distort the surface, but even that's only noticeable when the LCD displays black. Another thing worth mentioning is that the rubber parts have to snap into a frame that holds the screen protector, and it is at these snap points that the rubber case comes out (only during really heavy use).

Gumdrop is offering a Drop Tech Series Sleeve to one of our lucky readers! To enter, comment below with the Kindle Fire app that you are currently loving now.  

Giveaway closes at 10 PM PST 9/23
A case was gifted to this editor, all opinions are her own.

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