Tech Support - Special Parental Unit Edition

Welcome to this week's special edition Tech Support! Our favorite links of the week for parents, future parents, and people who love little kid stuff!

Apartment Therapy ran a great round up of nerdy books perfect for your baby. Including the adorably named, CSS for Babies.

Lego continues to make childhood awesome with a new architecture set, designed for the future architect in your life, the little one who wants a blank canvas to create, or yourself. All adults should have at least one Lego set.

 Don't let him creep you out, he's here to help out your kids with some tech support.

BBC launches CBeebies Playtime App for Apple, Kindle and Android. Read all about the new playtime app here via Engadget.

How cool is this R2D2 LEGO? I'm sure to most parents aren't crazy about losing a piece or two and finding them embedded to the skin of their bottom foot, but how fun are they? It took a few hours but Diana got it done! Check it out here.

Gadchick writers who are moms-to-be already have our names picked out for baby, but if I didn't have a family name yet, I would have loved to own this book, Sci Fi Baby Names.

BrightNest is one of my favorite current iPhone apps and one of my most awaited push notification each week.  After learning more about your interests and needs as a homeowner or renter, BrightNest provides quick weekly suggestions and DIYs on how to have the best house ever. These articles are also available online and many deal closely with the needs of parents. Check out a few like Help Your Kids Go Green, Kid-Proof Your Kitchen, or 11 Ways To Use Baby Wipes Around The House.

There is very little to say besides that this is one of the simplest and best DIYs of all time and makes me want to do this adult-sized one morning.

RedBubble is a great place for adorably nerdy and tiny clothes. From tech-friendly and very hungry caterpillars to your own little vault dweller, there are a ton of options by small designers to ensure your child is the most fashionable geek in their playgroup.

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