Best Apps for Future, Soon-to-Be, and Current Moms

Entry into parenthood comes with a new world of responsibilities and questions, and mobile apps have quickly come to fill the need for alerts, tools, and references for that new world. For each stage, from those planning future motherhood to parents in the middle of a toddler tantrum, here are a few great apps to check out.


Period Tracker (Free, on iOS and Android, pro version available)
This app dedicated to tracking your monthly period goes beyond being just useful to expectant moms. Instead, it allows all women to learn more about their cycle and health. I highly recommend it for a great UI, accurate calendar tools, and trend reporting.

Hypermunes Pregnancy Wheel (Free, on iOS)
Wondering about your due date? This app will help you estimate when the special day could come and is similar to a tool used in your doctor's office.

Expecting Mothers

WebMD Pregnancy (Free, on iOS)
I've discussed my love of WebMD's apps before and their pregnancy app is no exception. With support for expectant moms, articles to answer your questions, and support when you need it most, this app will be indispensable during your pregnancy.

Peaceful Nursery (1.99, on iOS)
As you start to plan for your baby's arrival and stock your home, Peaceful Nursery provides you helpful shopping lists, tips for greening their room, and what to avoid.

New Moms

Baby Connect (4.99, iOS/Kindle/Android/Web Application)
In the first year of parenthood, it can be difficult to keep all of your information straight. From feedings to appointments to naps, Baby Connect serves as one app to track all vital information about your child. Combining functionality like bottle/diaper tracking, milestone tracking, and reminders, Baby Connect replaces the need for several apps and gives you the peace of mind that you are remembering all moments from the first year.

WebMD Baby
(Free, iOS/Android)
Another WebMD app that I"m happy to gush about. The first year of parenthood is plagued with questions such as, "Is it normal?" Or, "Should I worry?" This app helps placate your nerves and answer anything that might spring to mind during your 3 am feeding.


Toddler Flashcards (Free, on iOS and Android, pro version available)
It is never too soon to learn the word for dog in multiple languages. This app is a great tool for learning with your child in a quick, easily accessible format.

Family Organizer (Free, on iOS and Android)
Every family requires their own Martha Stewart, someone to track the calendar, ensure delicious meals, and guarantee they are living the most organized life possible. However, while you may not have your own staff of managers, chefs, and landscapers to manage this, you can have a great app like Family Organizer to track your family's vital information.

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