San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Recap - Part 1

San Diego Comic-Con is the type of vacation that requires a follow-up vacation to recuperate, gather your thoughts, and find words to explain how awesome it is. While this was my third year attending, each year has gotten even bigger, more overwhelming, and more fun than the first.

To gather my thoughts and give a little insight into our nerd Woodstock, for 2013 I present my San Diego Comic-Con superlatives:

Best Way to Avoid the Crowds
Find Panels Off The Beaten Path!
A lot of the news that you hear from Comic-Con is related to events happening in the Convention Center’s largest rooms: Hall H and Ballroom 20. Part of my game plan for any SDCC is to avoid these rooms and their lines (3+ hours) whenever possible. While you may have that one television show or movie panel that you can’t miss, look at what you may be missing while you do your time at Line-Con.
This Comic-Con, I was able to see several exciting panels with zero wait to get in. One such panel was organized by the Costumers’ Guild of Hollywood moderated by Ron Perlman who brought together several high profile Costume Designers to discuss their jobs and what it is like to work on big budget films. This panel gave us a chance to see the newest Hunger Games trailer which had just been released the hour previous in Hall H and we left with one of our best pieces of free swag, a very large Hunger Games poster. This panel provided one of the best parts of Comic-Con, getting to see behind the curtain of the entertainment industry and it also gave us a chance to see some of the best costumes of the con from attendees who wanted to show off for the panelists.
While the bigger Hollywood panels are fun, 2013 proved the importance of being willing to seek out smaller panels and take in the sights.

Best Place For Gamers to Relax
Tied: The Nintendo Lounge and The Xbox Lounge

This year saw an expanded video game presence on the exhibit hall floor and the public premiere of the PlayStation 4. However, these booths had some of the longest lines throughout the Con as eager games tried to get their first turn on the next gen console and upcoming games like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. But gamers did not have to fear, because two other rooms had been set up for them in neighboring hotels: The Nintendo and Xbox Lounges.
Both rooms featured upcoming playable games, fun picture opportunities, and, most importantly, a way to relax away from most of the crowds. The Nintendo Lounge also offered the chance for 3DS players to gather street passes (check-ins with other games via their device), and I saw my street passes for our brief visit exceed 50+ fellow gamers.

Check back next week for Part 2 of my recap!

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