Getting the Most From IFTTT

The issues that have arrived with the growth of our online life have led to the development of amazing tools we couldn’t live without. E-mail spam led to e-mail filters, the need for digital game distribution led to
Steam, and IFTTT (If This Then That) has grown from a need to manage our complex and intertwined digital life.

(pronounced “ift” as in “gift”) is an online service that allows you to integrate your different social networks, subscriptions, and gadgets with each other in hopes to better connect and utilize them. Providing 65 different channels or supported services, IFTTT allows site visitors to build recipes or specific workflows working off of the logic: if this occurs, then take this action.

For example, let’s say that you wanted to receive an email any time Gadchick posted something on our blog:

  1. First, you would choose the option to Create from your homepage.
  2. The site would first ask you to choose your trigger channel which would be RSS feed.
  3. You then choose your trigger, either when any new feed item is posted or if a feed item matching your criteria is posted.
  4. The site then asks for the RSS feed you will be using.
  5. IFTTT then asks you to choose your action channel for what should happen after the trigger which would be Email.
  6. You would then choose your action, which would be to send me an email.
  7. The site would then ask you to confirm what the email should look like, before confirming your recipe.

While IFTTT can be intimidating at first due to all of the choices, a great way to get started is to view some user built recipes for common services. Here are a few you may want to check out as you get started
with the site:

This is a great recipe to check out if you want to backup your Instagram photos as they are taken

Always forgetting your umbrella? This is a great reminder recipe that can save you from a future downpour.

I love free stuff and anything that helps me in finding free stuff is definitely worthwhile.

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