What We Know - Xbox One vs. PS4

It is a decision that potentially helped shape your childhood and definitely has shaped your home’s current entertainment system setup.

Did you ask for a Dreamcast over the Gamecube or Playstation 2? Did you decide as an adult to have a multi-console household and learn to love a different controller?

Each new generation of video game console brings the same questions for gamers about which choice to make and, now in its eighth generation, we’re being asked again to make a choice that will impact our favorite shared hobby for years to come. Several eighth generation consoles have already launched from the Wii U to the OUYA, but two major players will be entering the game this fall and winter: the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

As E3 begins this week, both consoles will be jockeying for media attention and future sales, let’s take a chance to look at both and help you make your future decision.

Xbox One
Release Date
: Winter 2013
Features We’re Excited About:
  • TV Integration! - While some are concerned about how much of the launch was spent showing TV features, I’m very excited over Xbox’s steps to becoming an all-in-one media center. The ability to access your media, surf tv listings via voice cues, and the potential of how this technology can be used is very intriguing.
  • Controller Changes! - It might seem minor to some, but the hardware changes coming to the Xbox One’s controller are one of the most exciting features. For example, in an attempt to add to gamer immersion, the rumble feature has been upgraded to react more to the actions being taken and give the player added resistance depending on what is happening in the game.
Unanswered Questions:
  • Always Online? - Games will require a daily online check-in to use, forcing players to utilize an internet connection with their console. While many games require an internet connection already, gamers have stated concern over how this will impact users with poor connections or who
    choose to not connect online.
  • Used Games? Indie Games? - As more information comes out about the Xbox One’s policies for used games, game trading, and indie game publisher support, it becomes very clear that many things
    will be different with the new console. Time will tell if gamers will be comfortable with these changes or if they will look to other options with fewer restrictions.

PlayStation 4

Release Date: Q4 2013
Features We’re Excited About:
  • Social Features! Improvements to Online Features! - With additional functionality being added for online live streaming and improvements to the Playstation Network, the Playstation 4 might be able to truly challenge Xbox Live (and at no extra cost).
  • Indie Game Support! - While there have been some questions about the Xbox One’s future support of Indie Game publishers, the PlayStation 4 has been marketed from the beginning as very friendly to publishers. As a huge fan of some of the PlayStation 3’s indie selections, this was a huge relief to see.
Unanswered Questions:
  • Console Design? - At the PS4 launch, very little information was released over the console design and some features are still being finalized. While some technical specifications have been confirmed, many are waiting to see what the final product will look like.
What console will be next for you? Are you more excited about the rumored Steambox
or are you a PC gamer who is excited to stand outside the fray? Let us know in the comments!

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