Level Up Your Tech Skills - Set Up a Personalized E-Mail Domain

An email address can say many things about you as a person.Your first e-mail address may have been hansonfan85@aol.com or buffyandangel5eva@hotmail.com, an opportunity to teach your classmates something new about you. Over time, you may have moved to greener pastures like firstname.lastname@gmail.com from a well-known email provider to look professional or adopting your work e-mail address for everything.

My first e-mail address was BeHappy52@aol.com. I really loved the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy".

But an option that many people don’t consider is setting up a personalized e-mail domain (@customaddress.com) due to a lack of confidence in the skills needed or doubting the usefulness of having one.

A personalized e-mail domain can do many things for you:
  1. A secure e-mail address with a customized login page can be great for setting up password managers or online banking, adding extra layers of security between you and people trying to get your information.
  2. A chance to stand-out when applying for jobs, demonstrating to an employer your ability to manage this information.
  3. Multiple email addresses via a common login can allow you additional triaging of your email, like an address that only receives online store emails.
  4. It can also be a fun way again to let people know something about you when you provide it to them.
In my household, we have domains and e-mail addresses that serve all of the above purposes. Each is configured to be available via online or our smartphones for a low cost each year for domain registration and
hosting. Part of the fun of having a custom e-mail address is deciding your domain or the new way you’d like to represent yourself whether you finally buy your firstnamelastname.com or choose to demonstrate your
love of bunnies with bunniesareadorable.net (.com is taken).

With a personal domain, you can choose several ways to manage your information:

E-Mail Access
- Many providers will provide an option for webmail with your domain which can take away any need for configuration on your end.

- In this scenario, you create your domain with email access, but route all emails to an existing email. This is helpful if you don’t want to abandon your old account yet, or if you want to manage all of
your workstreams in one inbox.

Gmail/Outlook.com to Manage
- Using an established e-mail provider, you can use their technology to manage your inbox.You can find more on using Outlook.com here and more on using Google here.
Via An E-Mail Program
- Using a desktop program like Outlook or Thunderbird is also very easy when working with a domain.The provider that you choose will have extensive documentation available allowing you to make the decision on what management method will work well for you. I use Hover primarily for registering domains and e-mail support and they have been absolutely wonderful. I also use Google to manage certain addresses which was extremely easy to configure.

Do you have a provider that you would recommend? Is there only one site you trust domain registration to? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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