Level Up Your Tech Skills - Backing Up Your Social Networks

Our social networks do not last forever. Some close up shop (RIP Google Reader), some fall out of use (Remember how much you loved MySpace), and some we just grow out of (I still have a LiveJournal). However, for many of us, these websites and apps have become personal scrapbooks to us, allowing us to chronicle our lives via photos, journal entries, and interactions with our friends. While in the past you may not have missed some of your content, take a moment to consider what you could lose now if one of these sites was taken down or if you lost your data from them. For some of us, our Instagram feed is updated far more often than our phone’s photos are backed up and our Twitter feed is our daily journal of what happened; to lose that information could be personally upsetting or even professionally damaging.

If you want to ensure that doesn’t happen to you, check out some of these options for backing up your personal social networks:

Facebook offers the ability to backup your saved material directly from their site. You can find instructions on what steps to take here.

While everyone should ensure that they are backing up their photos on a regular basis, sometimes your photos that do get posted publicly are deleted before that can happen to free up room for more photos. However, backing your Instagram photos is as easy as visiting Instaport and clicking a few buttons to receive an exported file of your pictures.

Tumblr currently doesn’t have a supported backup tool which has driven some people to creating their own tools to ensure they always have a record of their favorite GIFs and reposts. Two of these tools help
you access the information:
Tumblr Backup - This tool provides you a simple and clean archive of all of your posts that you can save in text form, pasted into Word doc, or saved in HTML.
Tumble-log Backup - This tool gives you a TAR file that you can access with all of your archived information.

Twitter has the ability while logged in to download an archive of all of your tweets. This can be done via the Settings menu in your account and makes a zip file easily accessible with your information.

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