June Wish List

Gadgets are constantly updating, and so is our wish list. Here is the best of what we searched for June.

Aline- I spend A LOT of time gaming, working, and messing around on my desktop PC. I am starting to look into upgrading to a larger monitor and ViewSonic's 27 inch beauty would look great on my desk.
Beth-  Coming out June 14th, the Last of Us by PS3 developer Naughty Dog is a game I've been waiting for since it was announced. I'm very excited to see a Father/Daughter relationship explored in a video game and the preview of this game looks amazing.
Diana- I'm slowly collecting LEGO sets that I can be proud of. I love Ewoks and this Ewok hideout with Ewok and Logray figurines is making me wonder what space I have to clear out to display it in my place.
Mandy- I frequently forget to wear the watches I own on the regular, but I love the look and style of the La Mer Collection watches. This one combines two of my favorite colors—neon yellow and grey—and would look awesome with some bangles. It's old school tech, being analog, but it's tech that has lasted the test of time.
Marisa- As a nervous first time mom-to-be, this FDA approved Prenatal Heartbeat Listener has kept me from getting unnecessarily worried. It's inexpensive, and though it takes a while to get the hang of turning the volume down while moving it around your belly, it's well worth it to be reassured baby is doing a-okay
Kam- I have the FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy currently and my cat loves it, he tries to turn it on himself, in fact! I would love to be able to expand the number of toys he has and I think the rotating laser pet is the next step. While I love to play with my cat, Rintu, he gets a bit rough so I try to find toys that keeps me out of the "danger zone." I would love to be able to simply plop this laser in the middle of the room and watch your cat go crazy from the safety of the fort you built out of couch cushions.
If you have an awesome gadget you would love to share with Gadchick, email us! We would love to feature you.
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  1. I've been following this blog for a while, particularly the Wish List posts. Being the watch lover myself, I must say that Mandys choice is perfect for casual occasion. Really a style watch colorful and trendy.