iOS7- What You Need to Know

If you caught WWDC yesterday, then you know the overwhelming amount of information Apple shared for the new mobile system, iOS7. After testing it out for a bit, even I'm overwhelmed on what to share and how to easily tell you what will make your life easier. In one word- everything. iOS7 will make your life easier from Air Drop to the new seamless design.

+ Everything has been made over, even the battery life. I imagine most of iPhone users stare at our phone a good amount of the day looking for an app, and the new design feels I'm looking less at my phone and doing more with it. The new multitasking features makes the phone work smarter, not harder. Everything works with iCloud now. Apps, photos, docs, there's no need to email or share from one device to another- it's all on iCloud.

+ With the new "layers", it's meant to make life easier and get to apps quicker. There's a control center instead of digging into settings. Everything we use the most is quicker to get to. There's also a new flashlight installed in the control center. There's no need for many third party apps. Less apps, more space, and more battery life.

+ The camera also got better. There are built in filters, and the moments organized on your camera roll remind me of flickr. They are organized by date, and location.
+ Air Drop will make it easier to share from your phone to another iPhone user. As a snarky remark Craig Federighi meant for Android and Samsung, “no need to wander around the room bumping your phones". 

+ As for the design itself, The Verge had an interesting take on it. While it's beautiful and seamless (this word will be overused for this design, I can tell already), there's something about it that looks familiar, almost like the transparent design Android and Windows have been using. The transparent design may be a cue from competitors, but it works. It's meant to adjust to your wallpaper and environment.

+ Overall, there's so many more features Gadchick will be sharing when the new systems goes live. It's still in beta and while I don't trust it on my phone, I'm playing with it on my iPod and I love it so far. iPhone users have a lot to look forward to this year. Click below to check out the gallery from Apple

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  1. I already said this on Twitter, but -- thanks for the article! I was trying to keep up with the keynote yesterday, but it was just too much information coming at me! I'm loving the new look, can't wait til it goes live!