E3 2013 Highlights

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 as it is known) has been the staging ground for video game companies to announce the industry’s course for the year since its inception in 1995 when the Playstation was announced. Since then, the media and fans have looked to the event each year for the biggest and most exciting announcements.

This year was one of the biggest in years as the major console makers were given their first stage to showcase their upcoming generation of consoles and the peripherals you will need to buy:

Microsoft’s press conference had some major highlights like the first glimpses of Metal Gear Solid V and Forza Motorsport V, but also some controversial announcements as more details about the XBox One continued to be released. With a price that will be at least $100 more than the PS4 in most regions and limited used game support, the XBox One still has ground to catch up with the positive publicity Sony was able to generate. But with the beauty of the games they were able to show and the promise of more exclusive IPs, the next-gen console war is far from over.

With the Wii U already on the market, Nintendo let their competitors fight their own console battle and took their press conference as a chance to talk about their upcoming releases. With a very strong upcoming game
calendar including new Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Bayonetta, and Smash Brothers releases, this approach allowed them to generate more buzz about their system rather than getting caught up in the XBox One vs. PS4 debate.


For  many, Sony came out as a clear winner from this year’s E3. With positive press from their PS4 announcements including support for used/sharing games, independent publishers, and a price $100 less than
the XBox One, their game announcements like new Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts were icing on the cake. But E3 doesn’t just showcase the hardware, it also is a stage for game premieres and providing deeper looks at upcoming releases. This year’s lineup had the added pressure of the next-generation of systems, but
delivered more than expected. Some of the games that we’re excited about:

From Bungie, the creator of Halo, Destiny can described as a mix between an MMO with a shared universe the players interact in, and a first-person shooter where you are moving through your character's storyline. E3 provided a look at the first footage from the game and gave greater details on the gameplay such as character creation. While it is a huge task to follow up on a game as beloved as Halo, if this early look at
the game is any sign, Bungie has another hit on their hands with Destiny.

Dragon Age Inquisition
Dragon Age Inquisition might be one of my personal highlights, but Bioware’s trailer reveal has many people talking, from the return of fan favorite characters to the beauty of the Frostbite game engine. Take your chance now before its release in 2014 to play through the original games, because you won’t want to miss the follow up coming to both existing systems and next-gen consoles.

Watch Dogs
First revealed at E3 2012, Watch Dogs came with a full reveal in 2013 and built even more on the buzz for what is one of the most anticipated games of the year. An open-world game with themes around privacy and
information freedom, Watch Dogs gives the player the chance to hack the world around them, not just to interact with the environment but to control it.

For additional E3 coverage, check out The Verge or CNET. Do you have any other highlights of E3 or games you’ve already pre-ordered? Leave your opinions in the comments!

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