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Welcome to this week's Tech Support! Our favorite links of the week! 

 + We are so excited for Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living. We love to check out how things works

There is an app that sends you a tweet when your baby needs changing. If it wasn't April Fool's, it's silly but worth a look.

For $70, make yourself a Trekkie, via engadget.

Are you impatiently waiting for the new Arrested Development season? Get alerted the minute it airs on Netflix, via Buzzfeed.

Are you confused about Adobe killing off Creative Suite? Read all the details and how it will effect you if you're a user on CNET News.

Halloween isn't for another few months, but babies in costume at any season are a win. We love Raegun's Hogwart's Costume.

Do you want your own Mjölnir? Learn how to build it here via engadget. 

Acer announces the world's first ultra book convertible and The Verge gets a hands on review. [/caption]

Want a sneak peek at iOS7? Cnet has you covered.

Are you overwhelmed with starting a blog or reaching yours beyond its limit.? Haute Blog is a new service to help you out.

We more to share on our Twitter throughout the week. Tech us out!

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