Summertime Smartphone Apps

For those in love with their smartphone, every possible vacation, new hobby, or change in the weather can be a great excuse to download new apps to better their life or at least help in locating the best frozen
yogurt place near your hotel. As you get ready to have the best summer ever with ample swimming parties, tons of watermelon, and the best road trips ever, here are some great apps you might want to try out for your smartphone to make the most of the season.

iDrated - iPhone, .99
We all know that drinking water is important and our best intentions are always to hit our minimum, but it is not always easy to remember. In the summer this gets more important as you try to stay active despite
rising temperatures. The iDrated app works off a simple idea, track how hydrated you are and remind you when it is time to drink more. By tracking the information, it becomes easier to remember to be drinking
and your phone can join in on the battle against dehydration.
(Option for Android Users - Drinking Water)

Roadside America - iPhone, 2.99 (android app being developed)
Roadside America has been on the internet for years, a resource for providing interesting attractions and roadside sights to make any car trip legendary. In recent years, they’ve expanded this information to their
helpful app allowing you to spot nearby stops via their easy to use maps for even a trip around the neighborhood.

WebMD Allergy - Android, iPhone, free
While I love the warmer weather and blooming plants, the spring and summer comes for me with the promise of stuffy noses, itchy eyes, and all of the other wonderful symptoms of seasonal allergies. Despite my BFF Loratadine, I still am always on the lookout for possible ways to better deal with my yearly fun-ruining visitor. The WebMD Allergy app is a new partner in my seasonal battle giving me warning for particularly bad days, breaking down my allergy forecast based on the weather, and suggesting tips on how to improve my experience.

Sky View - iPhone, 1.99, free version available
Locating the Big Dipper in the night sky might be easy, but spotting the International Space Station might prove more difficult. Luckily as we get more warm nights to watch the skies, the Sky View app is here to
give us a better understanding of what we’re looking at.
(Option for Android Users - Google Sky Map)

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