Google Extensions To Fall In Love With

Since its launch, Google Chrome has grown quickly in use becoming the most used browser in the world.
While I am a happy Firefox user, I have begun to dip my toes into the Chrome pool because it is always important to be flexible with your tech skills and you will never know if it might be a new employer’s
preferred office browser.

Chrome has a lot to offer from seamless Google integration to its extremely solid and fast build. If you are a
Safari fan, an IE advocate, or you only look at the Internet via your phone, take the chance to have a fling with Chrome and try out a few of these extensions to improve your experience.

Library Extension- I have a Kindle addiction and, as a result, I’ve been absent recently from my local library. While this means I have a ton of books that I love, it also means a tendency to spend too much money on Amazon. With this extension, I get a chance to see if the book is available at my local library system and take advantage of my great local system.

Honey- Honey watches for coupon codes or promotions on shopping sites to help you save money. Adding a button on the checkout page of popular sites, it allows you to scan for codes before purchasing.

Pocket- Pocket is one of my favorite iPhone apps with the ability to save text to read later and this extension allows me to more easily save websites.

Google Translate- There are great international fashion and design blogs that I love but I am incapable of understanding. Google Translate has always been a helpful tool when reading about Parisian trends or Scandinavian furniture, but this extension makes it even easier.

Invisible Hand- A great partner to Honey, Invisible Hand helps you track items or flights that you are interested in to wait for drops in price. It is discrete and runs in the background, but will alert you when it is time to purchase.

What Font - What Font is an example of a great simple extension that provides an invaluable service. After turning on the extension, with a simple click, you will get full information on what font the designer has chosen.

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