Geeky Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is in two weeks and since you're a prepared and organized woman who loves reading our blog for ideas (ha!) you will love our Father's Day card guide. This gives you enough time to order your card and have it arrive on time, so we chose our favorite geeky shop to make it more personal- Etsy.

This sweet card from Paper Whispers  is a Father's Day card with a special blend of love and chemistry. The periodic table is used to spell out 'father' in the message, 'for my wonderful father.'
From lrhb industries this card melts our hearts a little- This snapshot from youth's past spells out "PAPA" in binary, and the translation can be found on the back of the card for those whose fluency is a little... rusty.

If you're tight on time or just don't want to wait around for a card, we found this awesome Dr. Who inspired printable card. Write your own message in this TARDIS from BohoBearPaperStudio
Ok, this is my personal favorite. Would Anakin really get A Father of the Year card from Luke? I'd like to think so. From shawnax.

This not only looks like Maurice from IT Crowd, but the greeting for your geeky dads will swell his pixelated heart. From markologie.

Some dads just won't take to cheesy cards, so give him this to make him happy. From OwlishGrey.

Don't worry, we didn't forget your gamer dad! By hycCreative.

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  1. Beautiful picks, thank you for selecting my periodi table themed card