Gadgets for the Summertime

Despite my love of sweaters and boots, summertime is one of my favorite seasons and comes with some of the best activities of the year. From chasing the ice cream man to visiting the water park, the summer months are full of memories of childhood and activities that never get boring for adults. Here are some great gadgets that I’m hoping for this summer to make some of my favorite parts of the season more fun.

A New Way to Share My Music at the Beach or in the Backyard:
Summertime for this Jersey girl means trips to the Shore and barbeques in the backyard. But besides the challenge of keeping my gadgets safe at the beach, I also want a new way to listen to music during all of my summer parties.
New Set of Portable Speakers 1, 2

Tools For Making the Best Picnic:
While I still might not have my corn on the cob lightsaber, I do think this summer I want to learn how to put together a picnic that would make Martha jealous.
A Portable Bug Repeller
Picnic-Sized Gas Grill

New Ideas for Cooling Down:
I live in a city near three rivers with a bedroom on a third floor of a very old building. My summer months are spent full of very humid days, extremely stuffy nights, and the ingenuity that comes when trying to figure out how to cool down a house. While I’m always a fan of the DIY versions, I’m also on the search for new gadgets designed for making your more comfortable in the summer.
A Blade-less Fan 1, 2
Quicker Ways to Make Frozen Desserts 1, 2

Stay Connected During Your Comic-Con:

While San Diego Comic-Con might not be an event for all readers, for many of us it does mean summer vacation season. Some vacations are for disconnecting, but many vacations are for sightseeing and adventure, meaning being disconnected from our gadgets is not an option.
A Portable Battery Pack 1, 2
A Solar Powered Charger 1, 2

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