WonderCon 2013: A Gadchick Recap

WonderCon 2013 was set in Anaheim, CA at the Convention Center. Between March 29 - 31, we saw a few more Storm Troopers than usual walking around the city. WonderCon is the little brother of the mega Comic Con. It's normally held in San Francisco, but due to rumors of scheduling, Anaheim was the lucky city to get WonderCon this year. WonderCon is less crowded and more inspired by actual comic books. The highlights are movies and TV shows panels inspired by our favorite comics.

The first panel I went to was Jason Wan for The Conjuring, a family home haunted by demons, based on a true story. It was one of the scariest previews I've ever watched and even having the family who lived through it on the panel with him made it even more frightening.

The next one I waited for was Guillermo Del Toro. I love everything he does, and I was excited for Pacific Rim, an apocalyptic movie with robots and aliens fighting each other. He talked about the costumes, how big the set was (it was bigger than any North American set ever built), and Charlie Day being an awesome actor.

The cosplay at WonderCon! Where do I even begin? I have a new appreciation and respect for cosplayers. They do their best for what they have to work with. There were so many I didn't recognize, including the confusing Dr. Who costumes (I really need to catch up). These are a few of my favorites.

 Taffyta and Venellope from Wreck It Ralph

Grumpy Cat having a terrible time as usual

Miss Carlyfornia. I loved her dress and later discovered she has her own line of gothic/anima/lolita clothing line.

Our favorite anti-hero. It was cute, done simply and easy recognizable.

I had fun overall and it made me think of Kam's story on smaller cons (who I finally met!) It wasn't as crowded as I expected but it really highlighted the convention for major fans. I hope it comes back to Anaheim next year.

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