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Welcome to this week's Tech Support! It's our favorite links of the week.

+ There's an amazing giveaway for a Nikon D3100 DSLR on Little Chief Honey Bee. 
+ I know most bloggers are familiar with the FTC Blog Disclosure, but did you know it was just updated with stricter regulations? Read it here.

+ Thank you Ashley for sharing the 8-Bit Game Map Sticky Notes. For $4, it's a small price to make our office day. She also sent us...
+ The Indoor Kids! A podcast hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon. It's a new way to listen to the back story of your favorite video games. Thanks, Ashley!

+ TechCrunch reported Apple patenting a convertible MacBook design (!!!) and a street view navigation that can go inside buildings.
+ What do you think about an Apple TV with a 'ring' remote control? Read it here.
+ Have you ever thought of giving up your computer and going mobile exclusively? Eli shares giving up her computer and living the tablet life.

+ In TV news, Arrested Development FB page announced there will be 15 new episodes on Netflix.
+ Walmart looking into crowd-sourcing online delivery? No.

+ Hyperkin Retron to play classic cartridges from old school games via Engadget.
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