Gadgets and Tech-Friendly Tools for Pet Owners

Any Instagram or Facebook feed can tell you, people are obsessed with their pets. We want them to be healthy, happy, and safe and we want to know the best app for reminding us to take care of them. Below are some great gadgets, apps, and websites for tech-conscious pet owners:

1. Pet Ownership Apps
You love your phone and you love your pet, why not combine that love into helpful apps. Check out:
MapMyDogWalk (available on IOS and Android) - Getting a dog is also signing up for daily walks in your neighborhood. MapMyDogWalk is a great app for tracking this information via your smartphone.
Games for Cats - I was a huge doubter of how great a cat and an ipad can be together.
These apps courtesy of Friskies are huge fun for the animal, less fun for the owner when the cat confuses Netflix with their fish game. PetMinder (available on IOS) - Any pet comes with a constant to-do list, but
PetMinder helps organizing those tasks and reminds you when any come due.

2. Automatic Pet Toys
While watching a cat chase a piece of string or watching your dog go nuts of a game of catch, at the end of a long day, you might not want to throw their busy bee again. Check out:
Dart Automatic Pet Laser
Twitch Automated Cat Toy 

3. Microchipping
While there a tons of cute collars and your dog might be the most well behaved animal on the block, I can’t express to you how important microchipping is. I could tell you that in a Humane Society study, only
about 22% of lost dogs that entered the animal shelters were reunited with their families, but for microchipped dogs it was over 52%. For cats, less than 2% that entered the animal shelters were reunited with their families but microchipped cats had a return rate over 38%. I could also tell you that at many animal clinics, the cost to microchip your animal is under 50 dollars. I can tell you all of those things, but the most important fact is that a microchip on my dog helped her get returned to us immediately after she ran away from a caretaker while we were away. No amount of money or statistics can compete with having a family member returned home.

Some other great links to check out for gadgets and other pet ownership tips:
Haus Panther:  Being a cat owner used to mean accepting that the 5 foot tall cat condo in your living room would always clash with your chosen style of furniture. But in recent years, new design-conscious pet companies have emerged Catster/Dogster: In addition to making me cry from their real-life stories, Catster and Dogster provide great stories for pet owners and news stories for animal lovers.
Modern Dog/Modern Cat Magazines:
Being an animal owner has given me a minor understanding of what kind
of parent I am going to be, essentially one who runs a websearch for
every question. Both Modern Dog and Cat have been amazing resources for
my questions and I recommend them to any person.

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