Exploring Standing Desk Options

My current home office set up has served me well for the past year. But in recent months, I’ve been debating an upgrade to my ergonomics and adding a standing desk to my household workstation rotation. You have probably seen the countless articles expounding  the benefits of sitting less each day, from a lower risk of
illness to increased life expectancy.

All of this and my choice of gaming as a hobby has pointed me in the direction of finding an alternative to the couch.

The choice to move to a 50:50 standing/sitting split can mean an investment in a new desk for your home or office. In doing my own person research, here are some great options to explore:

Convert Your Current Desk
I love my current desk so much I’ve convinced other people to buy it. Since I do plan on keeping it, I’ve been looking primarily at possible ways to convert the current desk to work for sitting and standing.
Check out:
1. Ergo-Desk
2. Standing Desk
3. Safco Desk Riser

DIY Solutions
While there are great manufactured options on the market to convert your current workspace, if you prefer DIY, there are a ton of functional and stylish plans to inspire your own creation.
Check Out:
1. This Huffington Post collection of submitted desk setups
2. This Pinterest Board focusing on standing desk creations

The Moving Option
Some people take their interest in a standing desk to the next level and invest in a desk that keeps them moving all day. For people interested in making that jump, there are both DIY and premade options available for them.
Check Out
1. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk
2. FitDesk Pedal Desk
3. Lifespan Treadmill Desk

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