Great Sites for Female Gamers

Being a female gamer can be rough sometimes. You may get rude messages online about being a girl, you have to handle the lack of female player characters, and our gamer clothing options are never as plentiful as for dudes. However, as some surveys show 47% of the game playing population is female, we are starting to see more groups and websites being built to support the needs of our community. Here are just a few of those sites that you may want to check out:

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Girl Gamer
The title "Girl Gamer" can be a decisive one in amongst women who game. But while you may have issues with that term, Girl Gamer is an awesome community and resource for female gamers seeking out news and like-minds. Also unlike many sites that focus on just console or just PC gaming, Girl Gamer spans all platforms including mobile games. It also provides a great social network that can be very helpful in building your own gaming clan or just looking for someone to befriend on XBox Live. I also highly recommend checking out their Twitter for great posts and retweets from great gaming Twitter feeds.

Reddit's r/GirlGamers
While other gaming subreddits and message boards online don't exclude women, sometimes you do want your own community to, as r/GirlGamers states, "just post some bad ass makeup tutorials inspired by video games" . But in addition to posting topics and links that interest female gamers (recent topics include a father who altered Donkey Kong to have a female heroine) , the subreddit serves to unite gamers across platforms with those who share their interests and provide a safe space to game in.

The Border House
The Border House is a gaming site focused around providing commentary on marginalized groups in gaming including women, lgbt, and people of color. Sometimes on other gaming sites, it can be difficult to have a constructive discussion about the problems and flaws of our community and what The Border House does well is provide a safe space to discuss and critique the media we hold dear. It isn't about always agreeing with the viewpoint, but ensuring that it is being heard.

Girl Gamer Vogue
A great site combining articles, videos, and podcasting; GG Vogue calls itself  "a niche away from the norm." Covering mainstream topics like the PS4 press conference while also looking at topics related to fashion in games and awesome gaming crafts, the site provides a unique voice in gaming journalism today. 
The PMS Clan
Standing for "Pandora's Mighty Soliders", the PMS Clan is a gaming clan that spans all platforms, including the PC, for popular games like Halo and Call of Duty. While there are many other great female clans out there, the PMS Clan's website also provides news and forums directed towards women and their interests.

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