Google Reaper

If you haven’t heard by now, let me ruin your day a little- Google Reader is shutting down July 1, 2013
Most of us have been faithful to the bookmarking site since 2005 and change is hard. In November 2011, Google announced it was shutting down the sharing feature, one of the best things I remember about the internet.  It was an attempt to push Google +, something I only lasted on for less than 6 months. The momentum was dull and I read more about MySpace these days than Google’s attempt at social networking. I understand companies wanting to change for what is best for them, but there is a sense of disappointment when their loyal users are left out. What’s worse is the companies who used Google Reader’s synchronization to stay in business.

Don’t worry, Google isn’t the only bookmarking site available. Listed are the best alternatives to keep up with your favorite sites
Twitter and Facebook- ok so this one may get a little messy but if you make lists for your favorite bloggers, you can keep up with their posts.
Bloglovin’- Bloglovin’ has slowly blown up over the past couple of years. It’s gained a huge amount of momentum with female bloggers especially. Most of the blogs are fashion, lifestyle and craft, but even those aren’t the typical blogs you read, the format is simple. Add your favorite blogs, and read it in their natural state.
Feedly- Thankfully, Feedly promises to change over your feeds from Google to theirs with no issues. As of the time this was written, the site kept crashing but hopefully that’s just a hiccup in the high traffic. According to Engagdget, Feedly has been waiting for Google Reader to stop use. They've built their own network and are fixing bugs for higher usage.
Reeder- Ok, I love and use Reeder on my iPhone. It’s more seamless than Google Reader and syncs with what I’ve read. It’s simple to read, share, label and favorite posts. This is only available for Apple.
The Old Reader- yep, it’s like older Google Reader, minus the sharing. From what I tried to research, they don’t piggyback on the synchronization of Google, so hopefully that will stick around. It’s simple and beautiful.
We are open on discussing more ways to read your favorite blogs, let us know below or on Twitter. What will be your alternative to Google Reader?


  1. I already jumped ship from Google reader when they stopped the sharing aspect and you couldn't delete the Goggle Friend Connect blogs from it - it was incredibly frustrating. I'm using Bloglovin and I really like it, I've seen a lot of people using Feedly today though.

  2. I'm trying both Feedly and Bloglovin to see which I like best. They both have pros and cons.

  3. I have been having the WORST time trying to remove those damn GFC connected blogs! I had to create an "unsubscribe" folder for them and it's a waste of mylife. I'm looking forward to a fresh start.

  4. I'm not-so-secretly excited about this change! When Google Reader came out, it dominated the RSS niche that there hasn't been much advancement since then. I'm so happy that people will be able to create more cool sites/apps/plugins and really get non-early-adpoters to use the ones that are already out there. The other exciting part? Getting rid of all the freaking blogs I subscribed to using GFC back in 2010 but want to remove from RSS! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted!