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I am somewhat wary of changing the status quo when it comes to my electronic devices, but I do appreciate a chance to personalize what and when I can. With my iPhone, I’ve done a little—Loki case, TARDIS background; I’ve even given it a name. (She’s called Wendy, if you were curious.)—but I’ve never really considered changing my icons. I didn’t actually know that it was possible. Until recently, that is. You might have seen screenshots on Pinterest of iPhone homepages decorated with custom icons. Most of the shots are taken post-CocoPPa makeover.
(Photos pulled from here.)
CocoPPa is an app that allows iPhone users to customize apps with icons of their choosing. The app is filled with a variety of icons and backgrounds, most of which are super cutesy (kawaii?). Although that's not a bad thing, it’s not quite my personal style.

When you use the app, the icons of the apps you’re customizing aren’t replaced, and you can’t delete the original app without losing all of your data. Essentially, CocoPPa helps you create cute shortcuts to your apps. When you click on the shortcut, both the shortcut and the original open, which doubles the amount of apps you have to close if you’re like me and a bit OCD about quitting apps. It also doubles the amount of apps you have to find a place for. You can create shortcuts to phone numbers, however, which is a cool idea, and the app also allows users to upload their own designs. One of my other issues is that the app can be a bit grammatically hard to follow; I’m pretty sure the version we Americans can download is a translated one. 

All in all, I like the idea of the app, but am not really a fan of the execution.
Download CocoPPa through iTunes. (If you're unsure of how to use the app once you've downloaded it, this tutorial is extremely thorough.)

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  1. did this ruin your phone/ipod? apparently its fine for some and super-dodgy for others.