D.I.Y. Doctor Who Adipose Sweater


To say I’m obsessed with graphic pullovers is an understatement -- I have at least twenty knitted pullovers adorned with the likes of my favorite Disney characters, hearts, horses, foxes, elephants, and even Darth Vader! However, the lack of knitted Doctor Who goods made me quite sad, but once I stumbled upon a D.I.Y. tutorial on how to make your own heart pullover inspired by J.Crew’s (which can be found here), I thought I could easily apply that to anything else.

Thus, the Adipose sweater!

Materials needed to make your Adipose sweater:

  • Blank pullover (any color)
  • Off-white, black felt, pure white felt (optional
    for fang)
  • Infusible Web
  • Black marker
  • Image of Adipose for stencil
  • Black and white embroidery thread + needle
  • Fabric glue (optional)
There are several ways to make your sweater. The way I did mine was slightly complicated so I’m going to share a few alternatives to make this DIY project less so. But if you’re into complicated, that’s cool too!
First, print out or draw an image of an Adipose. I found one on ThinkGeek.com and modified it in Photoshop, then put it into a Word Document and made it as big as I possibly could.

 For your convenience, here's the stencil I used:  

Once you have a printed image, you can either...

1. Trace an outline of the image onto the off-white felt with a black permanent marker (the felt is see through enough, but I used a light box to help me out a bit).  OR...

2. An easier way to do it is to cut the image of the Adipose out leaving an outline behind. Place it on top of your felt and trace it.

This is what your felt should look like after tracing:

For my sweater I opted to hand stitch a black outline. This step takes forever (approximately 4 hours on my end, with some breaks in between) and you will definitely get a hand cramp! If you don’t have the patience for it you can either skip doing an outline OR create one with black felt and use fabric glue.

Next, cut out two circles and a strip for the eyes and mouth with black felt. For this step you can either hand stitch them on OR use fabric glue. And if you want, you can also cut a little white triangle to create a fang for the Adipose.

You can add a little bit of white to the eyeball to make the Adipose look more lively.

Once you’re done with the details on the Adipose, take the infusible web and place the sticky side to the back of your Adipose and iron it on. Afterwards cut the Adipose out and remove the paper, then place it on your sweater, and iron it on.

And voila! You’re done and have an Adipose sweater to call your own!

Here I am with my finished product!

You don’t have to limit yourself to just an Adipose – go crazy! Make a sweater with K-9 or Boba Fett’s helmet or whatever other design you can think of. 

Thanks for the tutorial, Nina! Nina is a fancy geek who blogs at le fancy geek. - ed.


  1. SO CUTE, Nina! Both you and the sweater, of course. :D

  2. Thank you, Mandy!! >^__^<

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