Household of the Future or Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun

When looking over films and media of the past, a funny trend begins to pop up about the "home of the future". For the 1950s, these homes of the future contained automated appliances, touchscreens, and self-cleaning everything from sink to bathroom. But while some of these features come standard in a home of today, there is a world of new gadgets out there to help further improve your home and make your chores just a little bit more fun. Plus, if we depend on gadgets to make our planning, organizing, and life better, we can also depend on them to remove mildew a little bit more easily.

While we're still far away from Toyota's robotic maid, here is a brief list of some great additions you might want to consider. Just a note, in each case if I've mentioned a specific brand it is because we use it in our household and would recommend it for purchase.
  • HAAN Hand-Held Steam Cleaner
    Like many other gadgets, my steam cleaner was a purchase that I questioned at first how much I would use it and now feel like I can't live without it. My two least favorite things to clean are the tub and the oven, and this essentially uses hot steam to blast away dirt. Plus, no chemicals needed allowing me to even further green my household.
    Some other great options: Steamfast, DB-Tech
  • Bissel Steam Mop
    You may start to notice a trend that I love steam-based house cleaners. In our household we do try to limit waste and chemicals, and these appliances both do this. However, I'm also a fan of any tool that saves time and effort. Mopping can be tedious until you consider with the steam mop that your water supply is attached, your mop head is washable, and can be put away immediately when you are done.
    Some other great options: Hoover, Eureka
  • Automatic Composting Bin
    Composting is a great habit that normally requires regular work and is very difficult for urban dwellers. But for those who want to take part and may not have the room to manage their own composting pile, there are a new group of bins that takes care of the hard work for you. Best of all, no smell.
    Some great options: NatureMill, Envirocycle (more low-tech but a simple way to automate a time consuming chore)
  • Window Cleaning Robot
    While this has yet to premiere, this year the CES introduced the Winbot7. Adorably named but massively useful, the Winbot7 cleans your windows unattended. I might not have too many windows yet to need this tool, but for some homeowners, this would take over a very tedious chore and make it much simpler.
  • Roomba
    I don't own a Roomba but if my fairy godmother (or loving husband) wanted to give me a toy that I've always wanted, I would have a Roomba. First, I would own a robot which would be great. Also, the dream of being a little bit more like Tom Haverford and having my own DJ Roomba is too great to not actually happen one day. Plus, when we talk about the home of the future and see all of the great ways automation is making our life better, having a robot take over that chore actually feels like we are living in the future and one step closer to The Jetsons dream.

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