Gadchick Reviews: Wonder Thread Interoffice Laptop Sleeve

I’ll be totally honest—in my household, laptops seem to quickly turn into coffee-table tops. My husband and I are both fans of a variety of TV shows, and the desktop is old and all the way (*cough*35 feet*cough*) in the library/office, which is not near the TV. And although we try to cycle the battery use like you’re supposed to, it eventually gets old, and it’s hard to justify buying a new battery when the cycle would just repeat itself. Regardless of our laziness improper use of a laptop computer, I was excited to get the chance to review Wonder Thread’s Interoffice

Laptop Sleeve. I mean, look at it:

How great is that design? I’m a huge fan of items (andcompanies) that don’t take themselves too seriously. (Wonder Threads is obviously having fun with their products—check out their Composition Notebook
iPad cases
, too.)

But I’m jumping ahead a little. The first thing I noticed when I received the sleeve in the mail was how nicely it was packaged.

The sleeve is also very well constructed. The outside fabric is a soft but sturdy feeling “poly microfiber,” and the inside is a fuzzy fleece—think the inside of a brand-new pair of sweats.

The whole thing is thick enough to protect from dings and scratches, but doesn’t add much weight or bulk; when I was slipping our 15” Apple MacBook Pro inside it, I had an initial thought that the sleeve was
nearly too snug, when it’s actually the perfect fit.

I don’t think the sleeve would protect the computer from a drop off a third-story balcony, but I wasn’t about to test out that hypothesis. The sleeve has a Velcro closure flap, and an additional string closure that adds to the authenticity of the interoffice memo envelope-look. The fact that it’s so snug also means that it+computer fit nicely into the tote I infrequently carry the laptop around in. And although it’s not designed for this—the sleeve makes a nice lap protector for when the computer gets a little too hot on the thighs.

Overall, I’d definitely give this product an A.

The Interoffice Laptop Sleeve comes in 11”, 13”, 15” and 17” sizes (and is available for iPads), and you can purchase your own right here. 

Wonder Threads provided our editor with a complimentary product of her choosing, but the opinions expressed above are hers alone.

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