Mass Mentions: How many hours per week do you spend online?

This week we asked, "How many hours would you guess you spend online during an average week? #massmentions."
@ashleyTIA: I wouldn't even know how to begin calculating that! That's crazy & kind of scary.
@FireworkDeLune: up until a few months ago, prob 70+ no joke. Now maybe between 40-50?? -_-
@srslyliz: Ditto.I'd say 40-50. Holy smokes.
@cdeagle: ...like, all of them? NOT counting my iPhone, uh...60? Ish?
@ourcitylights: is forever a time limit?
@Princess_Corner: mmm maybe 50-70 hours :P I know is crazy!!! But I am full time blogger.
@pamplemousse83: if you count my phone/iPad probably 17 hours? If you're talking computer only then maybe 2?
@MacgirlsAdv: I work in virtual learning so probably about 12 hours a day so about 75 a week. Holy smokes that's a lot! #massmentions
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JAVOedge Giveaway!

JAVOedge gave our editors a Kindle and iPad each to test out. We loved the items so much, we wanted to share with Gadchick readers. Two winners will have the choice of their case. Don't worry if you don't have an iPad or Kindle, they offer one for most tablets on the market, as well for other cases for iPhone and popular Android phones. Enter the giveaway through Rafflecapter below and please be sure to read the details (US only, sorry!) Thanks so much for entering and big thank you to JAVOedge for their sponsorship.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you're having a hard time viewing the entry form, enter here.


My Favorite Women in Video Games:The Boss

Games she appeared in: Metal Gear Solid 3Is she being rescued/saved as a key plot point: Her code name is “The Boss”, do you think she needs to be rescued very often?
For our video game BFF date, we would: Attend a talk on Cold War relations, or Atomic Theory. I would then assist with a distraction while she completed her mission.

Metal Gear Solid is arguably one of the most important video games of all time, arriving in the 90s on the Playstation and introducing new player mechanics revolving around stealth. What the game also accomplished was the creation of a complicated and engaging mythology, surrounding around the main player character of Solid Snake. In the third game of the series, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the creators explore the history of the covert organization and of one of its most important members, The Boss.

Charismatic, intelligent, and brave, The Boss isn’t just key to the game’s story or to the development of the different player characters. In the story, she serves as their commanding officer, their mother-figure, and the catalyst for change, driving action rather than just reacting to it. By revealing her role in the history of the game and in the world political arena, an additional layer of emotion and intrigue is added for the player. We are not just playing through a familiar game line, but rather learning more about the game itself and American history. While her position in the military is anachronistic, the player never feels like she is a token or a compromise on the hero archetype as developed by the game.

Additionally, while the game is driven by action, it is also driven by heart and the emotional connection between the characters. By providing female gamers an outlet and creating an emotional impact for the player, The Boss humanizes the series. She never serves as just a girlfriend, wife, or mother, but rather, fills the role of the hero, ready to sacrifice herself for the ideals of her unit.

JAVOedge iPad case review

One of my biggest pet peeves in gadgets are people investing in a great product but then purchasing a terrible cover for it. Especially with an iPad! Any pricey gadget deserves a quality case, and JAVOedge does not disappoint.

My iPad not only has daily use for me, but I carry it with me everywhere. I need it to be functional as I want it stylish and this is what JAVOedge offers.


Mass Mentions: Do you censor your online persona?

This week we asked, "Do you censor your online persona? Are there things you shy away from sharing with your social networks? Let us know! #massmentions"
@CampfireChic: yes! I have two accounts, my private one is for cussing, being passive-aggressive, & chatting w/IRL friends. Public=more polished
@emilymayhem: Not on purpose, but I know that my blog/Twitter/Instagram are mostly seen by my online friends, while...
(cont) my Facebook/Tumblr are mostly seen by my IRL friends. So I guess I "censor" to a point, depending on where I post things.
@FireworkDeLune: I try not to curse (that goes for irl too). I try not to be quite as goofy/kid-like as I really am.. also, politics.
@ourcitylights: yes, fb is for personal use, twitter for daily updates, and instagram for pretty photos.
@runningboard: twitter where I'm closer to friends I think ive learned to censor my cursing, but I become a sailor on youtube/reddit, no idea why
@divinetechygirl: Yea of course at least a tad. I mean you do have to leave something's to the imagination.
(cont) especially considering the popularity of potential employers checking out your online persona. #massmentions
@bethfury: I don't maintain separate accounts bc I want my digital footprint to be mostly funny but always audience friendly
(cont) mostly nothing is really private on the Internet, so why bother hiding? BUT there are somethings that I don't publicize
@MacgirlsAdv: yes, one Twitter account for work and professional stuff (I work in computing education) and other for more personal blog etc
@tumbleweedsshop: no politics!!!!
@clareyt: Yes. I complain a lot less now that I work for TechStars. Huge effort to keep personal tweets productive and rarely whiny.
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GadChick's Guide to Making An iPhone App

Do you have a killer idea for an iPhone app? Who doesn’t! With $99 and a bit of programming skills, you can have that app for sale in no time at all. Wait, wait, wait—programming what now? Insert sad face here. That’s right, this book is going to tell you the dirty secret that most iPhone guidebooks don’t: it’s hard!

We aren’t going to sugarcoat it; chances are, after reading this book you might feel a little discouraged. That’s because we aren’t going to try you a quick get rich scheme where in 1 hour you’ll be able to develop your way to millions. We are going to show you exactly what programming is, the time it entails and what it takes to make a killer app.

The point of this book isn’t to help you design the next Angry Birds; the point is to help you decide if you have the programming know-how to make it happen. Don’t worry…if you don’t, we’ll also show you cheap alternatives and places you can go to find people to develop for you (and it’s cheaper than you think).

Gadchick's Guide to Making an iPhone App is available on Kindle, Smashwords, iBooks, and Kobo.


Women 3.0: Beth Simone Noveck

Name: Beth Simone Noveck

Short biography: Beth Simone Noveck was born in 1971 and later attended (and graduated from) Harvard and Yale Law School. From 2009-2011, Noveck was President Obama’s chief technology officer for open government and led the Open Government Initiative (www.whitehouse.gov/open), the goal of which was to create a more transparent government and a government more connected with the technological world.1, 2 (Hate to have to say it, but it doesn’t seem to have worked all that well. Such is the speed of politics, I suppose.) Noveck is also the author of Wiki Government: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger and Citizens More Powerful, a book that aims to show how technology can help create a more collaborative government.

What they do: Currently, Noveck is on leave from her position as Professor of Law at the New York Law School, where she is also a director of the Democracy Design Workshop (DDW). The DDW “Do Tank” aims to “strengthen the ability of groups to solve problems, make decisions, resolve conflict and govern themselves by designing software and legal code to promote collaboration.”3

While on leave, she’s “visiting” at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and the MIT Media Lab; she also consults on open government with the United Kingdom.

Why they matter: In addition to being a vocal and proactive proponent of a more open government and the technology that can create such a thing, Noveck is the creator of Peer To Patent, a joint program of the New York Law School and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. (3) Peer To Patent is the first initiative of its kind and opens the patent process to the U.S. public. “This pilot project connects an open network for community input to the legal decision-making process. The community supplies information and research based on its expertise. The patent examiner makes the final determination on the basis of legal standards. This process combines the democracy of open participation with the legitimacy and effectiveness of administrative decision making.” (Find out more on the program, and check out some of the crazy patents people file, at www.peertopatent.org. Do note: For a program created by a woman highly involved in the technology world, their website is kind of awful.) The program’s success has led to the creation of a similar initiative in the United Kingdom.4

Her other achievements include being named:

  • One of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company magazine;

  • One of the Top 25 Game Changers in 2010 by Politico.com; and

  • One of the Top Women in Technology by Huffington Post.5

How they got where they are: Noveck practiced telecommunications and Internet law in New York before becoming a professor and her position with the U.S. government. She received a Ph. D. at the University of Innsbruck in 1994, during which she attended Nanyang Technical University Centre on Asia Pacific Technology Law and Policy (CAPTEL) in Singapore on a Fulbright grant.6 Noveck has obviously long been interested in how technology and government can be mutually beneficial.

References: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Player 2 Selected: Epic Star Wars Proposal


Star Wars is pretty much a universal geek love, so it’s easy to see why this proposal makes us nerd girls swoon! I was able to sit down with Sarah to find out the deets on how this elaborate proposal went down, the story behind it, and how Star Wars played a part in their wedding!

 In Sarah’s words:
 “I grew up in a Star Wars family (I have 2 brothers) and ALWAYS loved it. I remember my parents video recording it on TV for me before they actually bought the original series.  My husband appreciated Star Wars growing up, but I got him hooked on the movies when we dated. We had a lot of fun seeing the new movies together when they came out because of all the CG, but our hearts belong to the original series. When we knew it was a matter of time before he would propose I always told him he could never surprise me and that I could sniff out a surprise from a mile away. This inspired Brad to prove me wrong. I don't know if you know the back story to the original video (the very end when we are in a regular room and I'm getting proposed to), but he told me we were doing a favor for a film friend of ours. We were "actors" in a short clip our friend was going to use to try and get a job. There was a scene in our clip where Brad trips and falls and I am supposed to help him up and we keep running, but when they turned the camera on instead of getting up again, he stayed on his knee and proposed!!! My first words were "shut up", but I was seriously telling him to shut up because he had faked proposals before. When I saw the ring I just fell apart and was so happy with tears. He did this 3 days before we went on our Italy trip which added to the surprise because I was certain he would propose to me out there. I LOVED how he did it instead.”
 “For the wedding we not only showed the movie while our guests ate dinner, but we made individual DVD's for everyone to take home, but at that point the movie had developed into the CG version you see on youtube. Since we knew we would have a yearlong engagement we decided to make it into an awesome short movie with the original clip of the proposal at the end. Our dear friend Bob who is as big of a Star Wars junkie as us helped out SO MUCH. He's the "bad" guy in the movie. The movie wouldn't be what it is without him. With his collaboration we bought our movie camera, green screen, and movie lights. The DVD also has special features, bloopers, and an explanation on how we did things like make the light sabers glow, etc.”

 Thank you, Sarah for taking the time to let me interview you. The Gadchicks LOVE your video and your story!

If you would like to share your special geeky proposals or wedding details, please email me at aline@gadchick.com <3 

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JAVOedge Kindle Fire case review

 The problem with being an Android vs Apple user is a serious lack in stylish covers for phones and tablets. While iPhone and iPad users enjoy a myriad of adorable options, with the vast variety of hardware available that also happens to be standardized, 3rd party companies do not offer quite as many peripherals to us. When JAVOedge contacted Gadchick to see if we wanted to review a product, I jumped at the chance to pick up a new case for my Kindle Fire.

I chose the JAVOedge Umi Book Case to try out because I was drawn to the style and liked the Japanese inspired print. When it arrived, I was immediately impressed by its construction and initial durability for for its price range. I am a daily Fire reader and once I slipped the tablet in I felt comfortable using it in my hands. I bent back its front jacket completely and the fabric allowed me to do so with ease.. something that I think other cases have struggled with in the past.

I take my Kindle Fire to work with me daily, so the included wallet-like features have proven useful to my daily needs: (work ID, credit cards, Starbucks Card--various plastics that fit securely). Rather than toting my whole bag to lunch, I just slip in some cash and my card and I am good to go. I did not find the attached pen holder very useful, as it would not shut properly when I tried it with my pen. Perhaps it would work with a tiny stylus?

I attempted to use the case as a stand as illustrated in the product page, but at times it would slide and fall. Using the stand as it is intended does raise questions about it's design, as what keeps it "locked" is the bottom of the Kindle  resting on the card pockets. It is an intuitive set up, but it doesn't look that sturdy, (I did, however find that it would work by putting the wallet part face down. I rarely am in need of a stand, but if I decide to watch a movie or play a game on my Fire, I'm sure that I would find this useful.

Hands down, my favorite feature is the magnetic closure. It keeps the case closed tightly to the device without the hassle of having to tuck in a strap as I have had to with other cases in the past. For just under $30, this case is a worthy buy and I'm gladly putting my $75 case aside for the functionality of the Umi Book Case. Despite a few minor gripes, I am happy with it.

JAVOedge sells cases and accessories for other handheld devices as well (as one would guess, a great cornucopia  of iPhone/iPad accessories too!).

JAVOedge provided our editor with a complimentary product of her choosing, but the opinions expressed above are hers alone.

San Diego Comic-Con Recap – Nerd Heroes!

For some attendees, San Diego Comic-Con is an opportunity to see the actors, writers, and creators that they love and to get to ask them the questions they have always wondered. However, while some actors thrive at SDCC (see: any panel featuring Robert Downey Jr.), others treat the event like another stop on their promotional tour.
A select few go a step farther, working to interact with their community and give back to the fans that have helped them achieve success.

Zachary Levi
While Chuck may have ended, Zachary Levi’s link to the nerd community continues to strengthen. One of the premiere offsite events at SDCC is the NerdHQ, run by Zachary’s Nerd Machine who normally write about all things geek. While visitors to NerdHQ do get to experience new game demos, surprise photo ops, and small panels, they also get to give back with all proceeds going to Operation Smile.


Gadgetry in The Dark Knight Rises

I’ll admit—I’m not a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan-era Batman gadgets. They’re a little too realistic (i.e. military-grade) for my preferences, which often err more on the side of the fantastical. Of course, Nolan’s Batman movies are much more realistic than any of Tim Burton’s, Batman Forever or Batman and Robin, so it makes sense. I’ve just always liked how ridiculous the Batmobile can look, especially the George Clooney-driven version with the wings and the rocket booster:


Women 3.0: Heather Harde

Name: Heather Harde

Short biography: Heather Harde attended Mount Holyoke University and the Harvard University Business School. After graduating, Harde worked in investment banking at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. She began her career in technology and media at Viacom, but made a name for herself in the field through working for a decade at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. There, she held a variety of positions, and was one of the founding members of the corporation’s Fox Interactive Media. In 2007, Harde joined fledgling tech blog Tech Crunch as CEO. She currently lives in San Francisco.1

Player 2 Selected: The best geeky wedding invitation of all time

My boyfriend knows that I love creative and geeky wedding details and he recently told me that I absolutely had to check out an online wedding invitation that was created by a designer who calls Wes Anderson a client (the Gadchicks are unabashedly Wes fans).

I spent he next 15 minutes (or 30, ahem) getting to know and falling in love with Jess & Russ. The site is a beautiful, multi-layered storybook with an invitation ending. Instead of taking the journey through a typical flash video, you scroll through their lives in a long vertical page.

Check out the whimsical site here. I hope that you are as charmed as I was!

If you would like to share your special geeky proposals or wedding details, please email me at aline@gadchick.com <3 

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Gadchick's History of Spam: The True Origins of the Stuff In Your Junk

At Gadchick, we like to geek out over everything...really, everything.  Even spam, yep, that-junky-email-spam. It began with an innocent conversation between the editors and next thing we know, we're looking to see if there was a book on this stuff to study for the fun of it. Since we only write what we would read ourselves, we wanted to share with others who literally nerd out over any topic like spam.

You can buy it on Kindle, paperback, Nook, iBooks, and Smashwords.

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San Diego Comic-Con Recap – Wearing Your Geeky Heart On Your Sleeve

Choosing your wardrobe for San Diego Comic-Con can be a difficult challenge.
Will it be cold in your panel?

Will you be in a Ballroom 20 line that loops outside in the beating sun?

Will your crinoline still stay fluffy in your suitcase for your TARDIS ball gown?

While some might choose a full Loki outfit and cosplay every day, others will choose the SDCC uniform of comfortable shoes and a nerd in-joke shirt. However, this year, my attention was drawn to the people who decided to walk a different path, combining their love of fashion and their love of geek-culture into fashionable and unique outfits.

Gadchick's Guide to a Geeky Wedding

Are you planning on a wedding or hope to plan one in the near future? There are tons of blogs and pins on beautiful weddings, but what about the geeky wedding you're dreaming of? Gadchick will give you geeky ideas! Maybe the traditional walk down the aisle isn't your dream wedding, but this e-book will lead you and your partner to the right direction.

Gadchick's Guide to a Geeky Wedding is available on the following formats-
iBooks, printed paperback, Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and Kobo.

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Mass Mentions: What are your most pinned categories on Pinterest

This week we asked, "Use Pinterest? What categories do you find yourself pinning the most? Let us know and you could be featured on our blog! #massmentions."
@Mopalicious1: TOTALLY addicted Pinterest. It's the 1 of the only apps I use on my Iphone. Mostly DIY& Crafts and Women's Fashion!
@emilymayhem: I pin mostly scrapbook pages, cards, recipes (usually desserts), and hDIY home decor ideas.
@heyporkchop: houses & food for sure!
(cont) and!!!! A virtual wish list! I have a GIANT board called treats I want! Haha!!!
@Princess_Corner: my favorite is typography or quotes, DIY and food :D
@danielle_jeanne: kids (decor, projects, snacks, clothes, etc)
(cont) I think it totally depends on where the person is in their lives. I pinned a lot of wedding stuff around my wedding. Now, it's all
(cont) baby/toddler things. I pinned a lot of home inspiration right before we bought our house (still pinning that). I've been pinning
(cont) quick and easy recipes for my maternity leave, too. :)
@rinnshop: I pin most to Interiors, For The Home & Clothing.
@punkprojects: I pin to DIY & CRAFTS a lot. :)
@librarian_grrrl: crafty diys, hairdos, bling (jewelry), & and wedding related things (hah!). #massmentions
@mandyannecurtis: I pin a whole lot of nerdy T-shirts, food ideas (that I never end up making) and clothes/shoes/accessories that I wish I had!
@FlourishCafe: I find myself most often pinning how-to blog posts and clothing photos for style inspiration - usually vintage clothes :)
@JenniferMabe: doctor who and for the garden :)
@DaisyatHome: Food and Shoes!
@jerseymaids: food/recipes and DIY projects!
@robinrasmussen: lots and lots of STYLE (the clothes I wish I had) and easy tasty healthy recipes to feed my family with!
@kaitbirdsays: I love posting random beautiful things. or ideas for my future wedding. #imasap
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Tech Support

Welcome to this week's Tech Support! It's Gadchick's favorite links, things we want on our wishlist, and stuff around the web worth sharing.

+ Marvel is coming out with Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled. It's a 10 disc limited edition movie collector's set made of 6 movies. Just look at the trailer, and pre-order here.



Apple vs. Microsoft: The Innovation, The Power, The Epic Nerd Catfight!

Ok, so it's a long battle of the tech's (ha!), but at Gadchick we love the history of our favorite computers, they couldn't be where they are now without the other.

You can't make billions of dollars without crushing a few people along the way. The origin stories of Apple and Microsoft read at times like a Spanish telenovela--revenge and greed are key plots.For twenty plus years it was a battle between two geniuses--Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. For them, it wasn't about money--it was about innovation and changing the future as we know it.

With wit and insight, the chicks at GadChick, give you a history of one of nerds most epic war.

You can purchase the book on many formats and as requested, we're even taking our e-books to paper!

Paperback, Kindle, Google, Nook, iBooks, and Smashwords.

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San Diego Comic-Con Recap – Building Buzz at Comic-Con

While a San Diego Comic-Con panel is a great way to introduce the world to your new movie or create buzz about a TV show premiering in the fall, the marketing push isn’t just limited to the Convention Center. Instead, the entire city of San Diego is up for grabs with everyone trying to capture the attention of attendees and of their Twitter accounts. A successful campaign at Comic-Con always integrates in a unique off-site experience with social networking, acknowledging the important cultural role that nerd culture plays online.


Women 3.0: Cher Wang

Name: Cher Wang

Short biography: Cher Wang (in pinyin, Wáng Xuěhóng) was born in Taiwan in 1958. She attended private school in California, and after graduating from high school, went to the University of California, Berkeley, as a music major. After only three weeks, however, she switched to economics, in which she received her master’s degree in 1981.1 Weng went on to found VIA Technologies—a company that produces microprocessors and other computer parts—in 1987, and HTC Corporation—which manufactures smartphones and tablet computers—in 1997. She’s married to Wen Chi Chen, CEO of VIA Technologies; they have two children and live in Taipei, Taiwan. Oh, and she and her husband are also the richest people in Taiwan, with a net worth (in May 2011) of more than $8.8 billion.2