Freckled Nest Feature

We are so thankful to be featured in Freckled Nest, one of my favorite blogs and Leigh Ann is a gadget, code loving woman herself. The women pictured are the regular writers for Gadchick, we'd love to feature even the special contributors but you can check them out in Issue One and Two. We're in the middle of making over this blog, and one of them being an about page to introduce each of the writers. This is a great opportunity to show you not just who their faces are, but where they blog besides Gadchick.


Women 3.0: Arianna Huffington

Name: Arianna Huffington

Short biography: Arianna Huffington (née Stassinopoulos) was born in Athens, Greece, in 1950. When she was 16, her family moved to England, where she later studied economics at (and received a Master of Arts degree from) Girton College, at Cambridge University. In 1980, Huffington moved to New York City and started a career as a writer. Huffington came into the public eye as a side effect of her then-husband Michael Huffington’s failed senate bid in 1994. In 2003, Huffington ran on the independent ticket for governor of California, and in 2005, she started The Huffington Post.1


My Favorite Women in Video Games : Alyx Vance

Games she appeared in: The Half-Life series

Is she being rescued/saved as a key plot point: At times, Alyx is the only reason Gordon Freeman can get anything done.

For our video game BFF date, we would: Alyx might not have a time for a BFF date, or she would just trick me into helping with a mission.


Women 3.0: Dina Kaplan

Name: Dina Kaplan

Short biography: Dina Kaplan grew up in Pittsburgh and graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Economics, Government, Philosophy and History. After graduating, she went to work at the White House as Director of Research for the White House Counsel's Office and then went on to become the Special Assistant to the Director of Presidential Personnel. Later, she worked at MTV News as a producer and an on-air news reporter in New York, New Jersey and Kentucky. In 2005, she and four other friends founded the online Web series site blip.tv.1


My Favorite Women in Video Games: Lucca

Games she appeared in: Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, and Chrono Cross

Is she being rescued/saved as a key plot point: She may be temporarily captured, but you know that she is able to assist with the escape.

For our video game BFF date, we would: Create an all-girl robot fighting team and proceed to teach everyone how it is done.


Women 3.0: Marissa Mayer

Name: Marissa Mayer

Short biography: Marissa Mayer was born in 1975 in Wausau, Wisconsin. She attended Stanford University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in symbolic systems—the study of the meaning in an interconnected set of systems—and a master’s degree in computer science. Mayer joined a fledgling Google as an engineer in 1999 and in 2005 was promoted to vice president of Search Products and User Experience. She currently works at Google as the vice president of Location and Local Services, and is also a computer programming instructor at Stanford. She and her husband, Zachary Bogue, a venture capitalist, live in the San Fransisco area of California.1


My Favorite Women in Video Games: Relm Arrowny

Games she appeared in: Final Fantasy VI

Is she being rescued/saved as a key plot point: Does it count if the rescuer then needs their own rescuing that she assists with?

For our video game BFF date, we would: Go to the museum so Relm could explain to me how her paintings are better


Women 3.0: Meg Whitman

Name: Margaret “Meg” Whitman

Short biography: Meg Whitman was born in 1956 in Long Island, New York. She graduated from Princeton with an economics degree in 1977 and then received an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School in 1979. During her early career life, she worked at Procter & Gamble, The Walt Disney Company and Hasbro. In 2011, Whitman was made President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She currently lives in Atherton, California, with her husband, a Stanford neurosurgeon, and their two sons.1


My Favorite Women in Video Games: Isabela

Games she appeared in: Dragon Age Origins/Dragon Age 2

Is she being rescued/saved as a key plot point: If it did, she would never admit it.

For our video game BFF date, we would: Go for a mead at the Hanged Man and hustle card games.


Introducing: Women 3.0

We’re all used to hearing about the big names in technology—Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell. One thing you might notice about those people, however: They’re all men. According to statistics from The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), “tech companies with more women on their management teams have a 34 percent higher return on investment” and “the presence of women on technical teams increases teams’ collective intelligence (problem-solving ability and creativity).”1 However, while women hold 56 percent of the jobs in the U.S. professional workforce, they hold only 25 percent of IT jobs; only 11 percent of Fortune 500 companies have female executives. So where the ladies at when it comes to technology?