Mass Mentions: To cable or not to cable..

We asked our followers this week, "With content providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.. do you think you'll eventually phase out cable/satellite? #massmentions"
@ourcitylights: I hope not. After 10 years, we got rid of Netflix for cable. Totally worth it with our discounted Internet deal.
@lydiarobins: absolutely. no cable here! (just broadcast - and I use a digital antenna when it will work :) )
@tumbleweedsshop: We have netflix, use amazon instant play and still have cable with movie channels. I like having all three!!
@runningboard: i think it would since im not a big tv guy. i think our generation wont completely, but the next will as net speed increases
@iheartsundays: never had cable (waaay too many channels) but would pay for Hulu or Amazon these days, much better.
@Chelsea_Lauren: i already have. and i LOVE tv, but i haven't missed cable one bit!
@_AshleyMoore: Probably not until they start showing live sports events and live news coverage. After all, how else would we watch our hockey?
@fiona_microbe: in the UK there are few providers (i.e. no Hulu) and their coverage is pretty small, so it'd take a while for it to overtake cable
@SoFloBoJo: I already have. My TV is currently a towel rack. That's probably not entirely safe.
@m4ddy: we already did! We pay $20/month for streaming services and never looked back!
@navajas_afuera: When I was unemployed I would watching nothing but Netflix and HBO GO on my phone & forgot about regular TV! There are shows
(cont) you can't find anywhere but cable, so I don't think I would be able to leave cable for a loooooong time!
@lincolnbeard: I heard rumors that AppleTV will offer single channels for purchase. I believe that will be the future.
@maynski: because its a tug-O-war of rights & contracts that both web & satellite providers R plagued w/ there's room 4 both 2 exist
@cdeagle: I've been cable free for well over a year. I don't even miss it. Home Theater PC helps.
@FireworkDeLune: I have a feeling that I may give cable the axe after my next move, but will probably look into purchasing something like Roku.
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P2S: Star Wars, I choose you!

Reddit user "inserttitlehere" was proposed to by way of Pokeball!

When Geeks Wed featured a pretty epic Star Wars wedding proposal. Youtube user "dwcalle" took his Star Wars mega-fan girlfriend to dinner at a local bistro and had the staff play the following video on a TV that hangs above the bar. We love this!!


If you would like to share your special geeky proposals or wedding details, please email me at aline@gadchick.com <3

Gadchick App

We are so excited to finally announce our first app! We are still working on it, we are in the process of working on push notifications when a new issue comes out, and better navigation. For our small budget (um, very small) we did what we could and we're really happy with what we had to work with. There are many tech mags in The Newsstand but with a subscription comes a price. We are going to keep our subscription for free!


Introducing Tech Support


Gadchick is introducing a new feature, Tech Support, to share our favorite news, all geeky, tech and nerdy.


P2S: Indiana Jones

Disney Weddings blog featured a love shoot, shot by Diana Rush, inspired by nerd favorite, Indiana Jones! Check out these geeky cool photos below.

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Mass Mentions: Love week edition

It's Valentine's week and we asked our followers, "Couples-What's your fav way to communicate w/ your S.O? Singles-When flirting do you give out/ask for FB, #, Twitter, email... #massmentions."
@ClintMartian: phone #. Then they add/follow.
@hello_vanny: When the boyfriend is at work we talk via direct messages on Twitter! When not working definitely prefer text. :)
@bookoisseur: I hold off on phone number until I'm meeting the person face-to-face. If that's how I meet them, I give my number, nothing else.
@mandyannecurtis@mrcupcakecurtis and I use Google chat during the day, but often text too—even when in the same room!
@CampfireChic: my partner and I are on Meebo all day long so we can chat while on breaks :) #massmentions
@fiona_microbe: I've forced my husband onto twitter so it's not a part of my life he doesn't get...he's still rubbish at using it!
@morganandkim: my fave is at the end of the day when we both make it into bed &we share the best thing that happened that day. no gadgets here -k
@FireworkDeLune: gtalk, then Steam chat, then email, then texting, then actual phone calls
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Player 2 Selected

We figured that Valentine's day was a great time to debut our newest feature here on the Gadchick blog, Player 2 Selected. We'll be regularly sharing tips, ideas, and some of the cutest darn details you have ever seen. The perfect marriage of love and geek (pun intended). Here are just a few of our favorite proposals and wedding details that we've seen. Stay tuned for much, much more!
This Portal 2 proposal slays me. I mean, it's insane.
Speaking of Portal 2, check out these AMAZING Portal 2 LEGO cake toppers!

As a giant Super Mario fan, this proposal is always going to be one of my ultimate favorites.
So naturally, I'd be giddy with excitement if I ever received a Mario themed invitation.

This Hello Kitty / Star Wars shot in the midst of this gorgeous, traditional wedding really tickled me.

Love this stop motion LEGO proposal.
Can you imagine having a life sized Stormtrooper cake at your wedding?

This sweet proposal by a Mashable writer had me crying first thing this morning.
If you would like to share your special geeky proposals or wedding details, please email me at aline@gadchick.com <3

Vday Webcomic Roundup

Happy Valentine's day! Check out a few of our favorite Vday webcomics below. Be sure to come back later today to see a new feature that we are very excited about! <3

toon Hole




Spud Comics

married to the sea




Mass Mentions: What is your most OUTDATED gadget that surprisinglystill works?

This week we asked on Twitter and (our NEW!!) Instagram, "What is your most OUTDATED gadget that surprisingly still works today? #massmentions."
@melisansserif: i found my sony walkman recently and the batteries were still good. yay for books on tape!
@TishChambers: I got my camcorder in 2003 and it's still my baby. <3 Or how about my mom's keyboard (as in piano) that's from about '86? LOL
@thrifteye: my iPhone 3GS :) not that outdated but save for Facetime and Siri, does almost everything the new iPhones do!
@thedeadformat: My outdated gadget http://instagr.am/p/G0TGonCw6L/
@emilymayhem: My 2nd gen iPod Touch, or my 6 megapixel Samsung point and shoot from 5/6 years ago. Both functioning perfectly!
(cont) Or, wait. My iPod Mini still works, though it only lasts about an hour on a full charge.
@Starbelly_ : I did have to buy a new battery, but my iriver h300 (mp3/video player) still works, and is almost 8 years old.
@runningboard: my minidisk player(but battery barely holds a charge) or my mini-hi8 camcorder. Surprised that moving-parts stuff can last so long
@remindsmeofyou: Polaroid SX-70 camera from the 1960s
morganandkim (Instagram): http://instagr.am/p/G0YrLAI7OG
@FireworkDeLune: I recently found an old cassette recorder that I used to use to tape radio shows (I wanted to be a DJ). Still works!
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Video: Samsung Galaxy Nexus review



We briefly reviewed Google's new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the latest operating system of Android, 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. As yummy as it sounds, it still isn't perfect, however it is giving previous versions a run for their money. This monster of a phone has a spectacular display and we're still excited about LTE. Check out our video review above for a quick rundown of the Galaxy Nexus.


Rich Neeley Designs Giveaway (CLOSED)

Last year I purchased two beautiful iPhone chargers from Rich Neeley Designs on etsy (The Secret Garden and Twain's Huck Finn) as soon as I got my iPhone. I've seen them all over the internet, but I was worried their function wouldn't perform as well as their beauty. Well, after using them for a few months, I think any Gadchick user with an iPhone or iPod would love  this as much as I do. It's powerful, and as much as I love my gadgets around the house, it isn't an eyesore. This recycled book turned charger is something you want to display. There's a USB plug to use directly to a computer or a USB wall connector.


Mass Mentions: Have any online friends become IRL friends?

Since our lovely Editor-in-chief and I originally met online, we thought that it would be appropriate to ask on Twitter this week, "Have you met any online friends IRL? Blogger meet ups? Twitter pals? Craigslist missed connections? Xbox live buddies? #massmentions"
@ourcitylights: I met some geeky girl @FireworkDeLune. <3
@chelseabird: Oh YES! One of my dearest friends @phoenixishaute and I met at a coffee shop after exchange emails for months! She's the greatest!
@forthedistractd: I've met a couple of lovely bloggers through my blog and also people through the lomography community as well!
(cont) forgot to say, one of my best friend @alyssatasker I met online, I can't even remember how but I would be lost without her now :)
@CampfireChic: I've met several blog friends IRL within the last year and would love the opportunity to meet more!
@CatherineShu: Since moving to Taiwan in 2007, I've met most of my friends through my blog http://shuflies.blogspot.com!
@emilymayhem: Indeed! I met up with @nattymalik about 2 weeks ago! We met through blogging and Twitter. :D
@mandyannecurtis: I've met a few online friends in real life and they've all been lovely. But there are so many more I'd like to meet! #massmentions
@RolandStLaurent: Yes, no, no, no, and no.
@bookoisseur: I've met a number of my friends online IRL, either me visiting them or them visiting me. I've also made IRL friends online friends
@CaLoynd: my BBF, @Vivianna_loves as well as *many* others! <3
@Buddy_Steve: I've met 4 people through Xbox IRL. 3 of which I still play with. Oh and I made out with one of their friends.
@mattcyborgelt: no names will be mentioned but it involves a french mmorpg
@revoked: yeah, I met @geekgirldiva and her dude. We've hung out a few times since. I think I still owe her a brewery trip.
@Allie_Lee: yes I have!
@styleish: yes I've met blog friends IRL, mostly readers!
@runningboard: aside from the obvious, i have randomly met a few through mutuals. meeting thru mutuals makes it less internetty hah #RealPeople!
@iheartsundays: a few, we met through our love for our favorite band. Lifelong friendships.
@ashleyTIA: DMV bloggers had a meetup after connecting on blogs & twitter. 9 initial girls showed.
(cont) since then we've had other get togethers as a group, & 1v1 friendships have started naturally. :)
@amy_estes: I've met some of my best friends via Twitter/blogs. @andreaki & I started reading one another's blogs, progressed to email & then
(cont) had brunch. Now we chat daily, visit, etc. Locally, I've met a whole group of ladies who brunch & hang out thanks to blogs.
@Marisa_APoL: I met one of my Xbox Live friends in RL about a year ago and we've been best friends ever since!
@FireworkDeLune: well... @ourcitylights ahem. Actually, a few of the most important people in my life have come from online in one way or another:)
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