Mass Mentions: What site redesigns are the worst ever?

Facebook recently announced that it is rolling out Timeline to all users. We have been encountering plenty of moans and groans about this change and were curious about what sites you feel took a turn for the worst with a "new and improved" design. We asked, "FB Timeline is rolling out..some people hate change! What interface revisions from your fav sites have been the WORST for you? #massmentions."
@ourcitylights: twitter
@pieisgone: I just totally hate the new Timeline thing on FB.
@laurenfromtexas: PICNIK!!!! Why are they moving to Google+?!
@iheartsundays: Honestly, I can't think of anything worst than timeline.
@runningboard: i was heart broken when @NeweggHotDeals changed their website. It had growing pains. Oh and i still miss old twitter.
@FireworkDeLune: simply cannot get used to new YouTube!
(cont) and another, Digg (although I'm happy it brought me to Reddit)
@jonathanjmabe: by far, the worst redesign I've seen was the 2011 Google Reader upgrade. The way they switched out sharing for Plus was atrocious.
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Fantastique Plastique & Kindle Winners

We offered one set of gloves from Fantastique Plastique, but they were so generous to offer TWO more pairs for two Gadchick readers!! If you didn't win a pair, they are available in all styles here at a great price. Function meets beauty at its best! Congrats to Toni, Sarah, and Rachael.


Fantastique Plastique Gloves Giveaway (CLOSED)

I have no idea how to follow our last amazing post, but an awesome giveaway will do! Aline reviewed and modeled The Fantastique Plastique Touch Screen Gloves, she's even became the spokesmodel for the item. We love the item so much, two of our editors picked up a pair in gray, and we'd love to giveaway one to our readers! You can check out the video below, and they do have added touch screen fabric to thumbs now, too.


There are a lot more options to choose from from Fantastique Plastique.  Leave your name with the appropriate email to contact you and we'll choose a winner on Thursday, January 26. Good luck!

All images provided by Fantastique Plastique


Gadchick 2012 CES Round-up

The Gadchick writers are excited for the gadgets, apps, and programs that 2012 has in store for us! We each chose 3 of our favorite products from last week's CES. Tell us what you are most looking forward to below!
Diana La Counte:

The Kindle Solar Powered Cover


Gadchick Geeks Out

We were elated when iBookstore tweeted our e-book, The iPhone Photographer! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it, we are hoping to add a library of e-books to the name Gadchick by the end of the year.


Gadchick Wish List

We've been stalking Google News for CES 2012 updates and we're already building our wish list! First on the list, Keyport. It claims to be the Ultimate Accessory. It's a high quality, compact, sliding apparatus that holds up to 6 keys and one USB stick.Sometimes I just carry my wallet, keys and phone sans my huge bag. These would be perfect. For such a functional item, it's under $40. We can't wait to order one.


Gadchick Reviews: Fantastique Plastique's Touch Screen Gloves

I was lucky enough to be gifted the Fantastique PlastiqueTouch Screen Gloves from Diana for Christmas. I rang in 2012 in Chicago and really put them to the test! The fingertips boast a conductive material that makes for touch screen capabilities. They certainly do work, but the surface area is rather tiny so accuracy is very important. I am currently using the Moto Droid with slide-out keyboard. Once I "unlocked" my phone it was smooth sailing. If you use a touch screen only phone, it may take a little getting used to. I was travelling with a friend that had North Face ETip gloves and they definitely worked better with the iPhone. However, my gloves were warm, comfy, adorable, compliment grabbing, and got the job done with a fraction of the price! Get them here and support geeky handmade!


Nerds on TV: Heroes in Hornrims

One of the most frightening things about your true nerd, for many people, is not that he's socially inept—because everybody's been there—but rather his complete lack of embarrassment about it.—Neal Stephenson

I’ve long been a fan of various nerds on television. I think my interest began when I met Steve Urkel, the resident nerd on Family Matters, a staple of ABC’s TGIF Friday night programming. Urkel was the epitome of a nerd—he was clumsy; had a high, nasally voice; and he wore glasses and suspenders, the latter of which hiked his pants so high (So. High.) that many men probably worried about Jaleel White’s future children.


Your iMac e-book Out Now

So you got a brand new shiny Apple computer for the holidays! Congrats! Or even worse- your parents got a brand new shiny Apple computer and they keep calling you every five minutes to find out where to even power it on. Don't worry, Gadchick has you covered! We've teamed up with a couple Gadchick Apple fangirls and have given you the full resource to use your Apple computer to its full potential.