Mass Mentions Show Us Your Favorite Geeky Holiday Decor

For our Mass Mentions this week, we asked our Instagram friends what their favorite geeky holiday decor was.

amileighton- "Still no ornaments... But we gotta tree topper! a #cthulhu #christmas! That's traditional, right?"
forthedistractd- "Hi @gadchick my favourite ornament is my camera one, of course"
fireworkdelune- "We're sharing geeky holiday decor for this week's #massmentions over on @gadchick! Love @runningboard's and my fun new monogrammed 8-bit stockings!"
campfirechic- "My fave geeky decoration is our spider-man tree topper! #massmentions"

Holiday 2012 Mass Mentions

We normally participate Mass Mentions on Twitter, but it was fun on Instagram, what's your favorite geeky decor?

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