Gadchick Gift Picks

Rhianne, contributor for Gadchick magazine and author of our e-book, The Android Photographer, is a photographer and camera geek. We asked her what gadgets would make her craft easier, and she shared with us a great list!

1. Lomography Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter

This is one gorgeous looking film camera! With 3 different setting, panoramic, normal and square, there might be nothing that this photo couldn't make look amazing.

2. Jo Tots Georgia Nautical Bag

For carrying all my camera kit – I already have a Jo Totes bag and I really think they are great, two wouldn’t hurt.

3. Epson Perfection V600 High Resolution Scanner

Perfect for scanning all my film negatives (I have a lot) and turning my analogue photos into digital.

4. Olympus Pen ELP-5

The more photos that I take, the more I want to take and sometimes film can be very restrictive, but I don’t want to be carrying around a huge DSLR camera, so this camera fits nicely in between with its interchangeable lens allowing for more control, but also being a handy size to carry around.

5. Pro Flickr Account

I love my Flickr account, so this would be a perfect present for someone to buy me, I upload photos all the time and it’s a great way to see other peoples photos quickly too. A must have for any photographer.

6. Photo app keyboard skins. [photo from Photojojo]

I never remember the short cut keys for Photoshop, so this would be amazing for editing!

Thanks for sharing, Rhianne! Check out the other Gadchick's wishlists here.

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