Gadchick's Game of the Year for 2012

With no hyperbole, the games of 2012 demonstrated what the medium is capable of and the changing needs of players. Looking over the votes for our Game of the Year poll, all of the votes were for games that provided both a fun experience, but also an emotionally resonate one. However, despite all of the amazing games this year, only one can be claimed the victor of the hearts and minds of Gadchick readers.

Or maybe two can be victorious with Journey and Mass Effect 3 coming in with a tie between our readers.

Both of these games are beyond just being distractions or a way to spend a few hours, they are experiences that draw in the player and leave them with feelings that last long after the final credits.

For myself this year, I was also stuck between these two games (although I have recently started The Walking Dead and may revise my list once I'm finished), but for my personal 2012 gaming pick, I have to go with Mass Effect 3. My own personal and well-documented love for Shepard and the crew of the Normandy notwithstanding, this is a game that I continue to pick up and play on a regular basis.

Disagree with the choices? More excited for what is coming in 2013? Speak up in the comments with your feelings on all things gaming for 2012.

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