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Baffled by all of the choices at Gamestop? Confused by whether you like action or puzzle games on the iPhone store? Unsure about your options for your gaming system and just want something fun to play?

Don’t fret, Gadchick has arrived again with some great suggestions for video games to try and some guidance on what game might best match your mood.

November has already been a rough month. I want something to escape with:
You should try: Flower (available on PSN)

thatgamecompany is one of my favorite developers today, creating games that are unique in game play and beautiful in design. Flower is no exception, providing the player with escapism and relaxation. Following the dreams of a flower on a windowsill, the player directs petals with the wind floating gently over stunning settings. If Sandy, the election, or the change in seasons are getting you down, this game might be just perfect for a break.

Alternative: Dance Central 2 (available on XBOX 360)

My name is Beth and I am obsessed with dancing games. While nobody has made my dream come true of having a So You Think You Can Dance game, this genre of game on Wii, XBOX360, and PS3, are a great way to have some fun with a group of people and escape into some music. Dance Central 2 is one of the best with great choreography and a soundtrack that includes Lady Gaga and Daft Punk.

I am obsessed with election coverage. Do you have any suggestions for something political?:
You should try: Ace Attorney (available on DS and WiiWare)

While political tv shows like The West Wing and Scandal demonstrate how ripe the setting is for media, video game developers have been a little behind. However, if you are looking something a little more realistic with a procedural twist, the Ace Attorney allows you to serve as a defense attorney and defend your client.

Alternative: Titus (available on iOS and Android)

Titus is one of the most unique iOS games I’ve played and is one of the few examples of games focused around running a political campaign. Through budgeting your money and time throughout an election, your candidate fights to be elected over their competitors.

I want something I can play with my partner. What can we play and enjoy together?
You should try: Gears of War 3 (available on XBOX 360)

The Gears of War series is one of the best co-op experiences I’ve had in gaming and unlike many co-op campaigns, the game play is improved by a second player. The storyline, based around the relationship of two soldiers Dom and Marcus, allows you to seamlessly engage with another player without feeling like the mode was tacked on or less enjoyable than the single player campaign. Also, while some shooter games can be difficult for people that don’t like FPS or overly realistic violence, the alien enemy and excellent voice acting allow the player to engage and get used to holding a gun with a chainsaw attached.

Alternative: Borderlands  (available on XBOX 360 and PS3)

Borderlands and its sequel provide both online and split screen co-op options. Its cartoon design and over the top weapons make the game enjoyable for newcomers. Additionally, one of my pet peeves in games is when there are no female character options. Borderlands doesn’t just provide female options, they provide badass, super-skilled  lady soldiers to play with.

I love games like SimCity but have played all of the Maxis games. Is there anything else out there like this?  

You should try: Plague Inc (available on iOS and Android)

The goal of Plague Inc is to create a virus that will destroy the world. Once you get over the creepy factor and name your plague something like “Kitties” (to see message like “Kitties have overrun Russia”), you will find this game to be a great combination of strategy and world building. Deciding where to start your disease, how to transmit it, and working to stop the cure, you will feel like an evil mastermind. Plus when your plague “Party” takes over the world, it will decrease the creepiness.

Alternative: Tropico 3 (available on Steam)

Similar to the SimCity series, Tropico 3 allows you to build a city and grow your population. But in this series, your social decisions such as gay marriage and civil liberties shape the experience of your people and your success in the role. It combines world building with moral decisions, allowing you to be a city planner as well as a leader.

Do you need some assistance finding something to play? Leave a comment and we might include it in a future entry!

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