Gadchick Gift Picks

If you haven't found the right gift yet, then Gadchick has a few more gift guides from the team. Don't let the heels and sparkle fool you with Aline- she'll easily beat you in most video games and she's my go-to tutor for any and all PC coding.

1. I love the dark wood floors in my home, but I hate the constant cleaning. Whoever said that you shouldn't give a woman a vacuum for Christmas is crazy.. I'd love to get my hands on this Roomba!

2. I have been pining over this Kate Spade Great Gatsby clutch that pays homage to my favorite book for years now! Lucky for us, it has been reissued (There's a super cute Kindle version too)

3. The 7970 by XFX has a GPU core that's ready to overclock beyond it's factory 1GHz! Imagine Skyrim at 4096 x 2160 resolutions! Games in silky smooth stereoscopic 3D! Max settings with max fps! This video card excites me!

4. Every single time I go to visit the LEGO store, I pause to admire everyone's favorite droid, R2D2. I'd love to put him on my bookshelf.

5. I have a love affair with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I'm in the market for a new point and shoot so naturally I have my eye on this camera

6. I love to cook and this Dell Touchscreen Desktop is my dream kitchen companion. I'd love to have all of my recipes (and movies to distract me while I'm waiting for water to boil) just one touch away.

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