Gadchick Gift Picks

Bethany Cramer, our editor and writer, wants to have a geeky holidays (like the rest of us, right?) These (like the rest of the lists) will make a woman's life easier (and nerdier!)

1. Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control

I think it is important on every holiday to ensure that some gifts are utterly silly. While I may own several sonic screwdrivers already, I can’t help but picture the sheer joy I would get by using one to change the television channel. This is the perfect funny gift for the Whovian in your life.

2. Roku

While my cord-cutting is still going great, one of the biggest struggles is finding great content providers outside of the cable company. Roku offers you plug and play ease with a huge library of media with no monthly fee.

3.Home Planetarium

In looking at the other gift guides so far, I can see that Gadchick writers really like space. But while I would love the telescope that Marisa featured, I would also love the chance to see the stars in the middle of the city. This home planetarium would let me bring the outdoors in.

4. A new scarf from ShadowPlayNYC

Everyone has that perfect piece of clothing, maybe the shoes that make your legs look great or the sweater that you want to wear constantly. For me, my infinity scarf from ShadowPlayNYC is that item and for this year, I want to expand out into another. Made with designs straight from the Hubble telescope, they are unique, warm, and an item you will want to keep forever.

5. A nerdy skirt from GoChaseRabbits

Completing my nerdy ensemble would be one of the great skirts from GoChaseRabbits. From video game designs to skirts made with photos from the surface of Mars, these skirts are super cute and would even make my Mass Effect 3 multiplayer gaming nights a little more stylish.

6.  A subscription to Marvel Unlimited

For some comic book fans, our weekly pull list at our local shop has become weekly reminders to download your latest issue onto your iPad. Building on this new accessibility, I would love the chance to explore Marvel’s archives and expand my comic trivia for next Comic-Con.

7. XBox Live, Steam, or PSN gift cards

This fall so far has had amazing games like Halo 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3, and, living in a multi-console household, I would like all of them. But this year, I suggest giving the gamer in your life the chance to experience some of the awesome indie games released this year.

I would love the chance to try “Thomas Was Alone” or “Hotline Miami” on Steam, or give “Fez” a shot on XBox Christmas morning.


  1. I'd like to add one of each of these items to my wishlist as well, please. :D AlsoI have galaxy-print tights from ShadowPlayNYC on today. Love them!

  2. I really want a planetarium! so cool