Gadchick Gift Picks

I'm really excited to share my wish list for Gadchick. After discovering my love for shiny gadgets, I've also discovered they lose their shine even quicker today since technology moves so fast. Instead of most novelty items (remember the nano watch? yep, it's just sitting in my desk now, for example), I wanted things that would last, and I wouldn't regret it if a new version came out shortly after (I'm giving you the stink eye, Apple).

1. 1Password
This is one app that would really make my life easier. It would save time, and most importantly save me from stress by trying to remember every password for every log in, including email, social media, shopping sites. It's the most expensive app I'd ever seen, but worth it!

2. Sony DSC-RX100
I've always wanted a digital Leica (my analog Leica is a dream come true to own), but after reading the specs on the surprisingly powerful Sony, I'm trading in dreaming for something that really works. It's not bulky like a DSLR but an upgrade from my iPhone camera.

3. Nest
Not only does Nest save energy, but it automatically learns what your house needs. After learning that 20% of my energy bills are being wasted by just lack of control of the thermostat, this device will help. Plus, it looks so much cooler than my outdated early 90's bulky box.

4. The Sims Freeplay Experience and Life Points
I'm addicted to Sims Free Play, it's almost therapeutic. Even though it's free, it's not really free. The player ends up buying more "life" and "experience" points rather than spending weeks earning them. It's a silly thing to spend money on but it's much cheaper than a therapist in the long run (maybe not the best justification to spend money on a game :P ).

5. Subscription to Popular Mechanics
Once a nerd, always a nerd. I remember reading this magazine as a kid highlighting mostly the auto industry but over the years it's changed. If you're a tech girl at heart, you will love this magazine. The magazine doesn't just feature cool gadgets, they actually tell you how and why they work, and great concepts in technology and software.

6. Jawbone BIG BOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
i'm an 80's kid and I remember the days when speakers were as tall as I am now. The idea that a speaker can fill a room unlike my speakers on my tablet or iPhone, is unreal. There's no wires, just a Bluetooth on your tablet or phone and some good music required. Plus the geometric inspired pattern on the speakers are cool enough to not hide behind your couch.

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