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The earliest video game systems’ strengths were never the variety of games. From Pong to tennis to table tennis, developers focused on what was easy, understandable, and fun for consumers under some very specific themes. With the growth of technology, development of new systems, and expansion of the culture, your local gaming store can provide hundreds (if not thousands) of options that go way beyond our earliest options.
But for people new to gaming, these choices can be overwhelming and confusing. What is the difference between FPS and TPS, what does cross-genre mean, why are there so many “Games of the Year”?  While resources like r/gaming on Reddit, or sites like IGN provide reviews and suggestions, we’re still a while away from our own personal gaming genius ala ITunes to help us choose.  Luckily for you gentle reader, Gadchick is ready to provide you some guidance depending on your mood.

I want something cute. Like really really cute.
You should try: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

The Wii is a system built around cute games, but they really succeeded when it came to Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The level design is stunning with embroidery and patchwork detailing, giving the perfect stage for Nintendo’s most adorable of creations. When I first played this game with my mother and grandmother present, both crafters and quilters, both were awed by the styling and game play.

Alternatives:  Cooking Mama is both addictive and cute, although you may start to wonder if you should take your cooking into your actual kitchen. While XBox and PS3 do lag behind the Wii in cute, any of the Lego games provide adorable cutscenes and super fun gameplay that masks its difficulty in cute.

I love history. Can I have something historically based?
You should try: Assassin’s Creed 2

While the first Assassin’s Creed does give you a historical setting, Assassin’s Creed 2 allows you to truly experience the setting. You travel the streets of renaissance Italy and experience the markets, the residents, and the setting to a greater degree than the early game. While the story might not be historically based, you’ll run into familiar characters with each assassination target you take. Plus, it is a great time to get into the series as we wait for the release of Assassin’s Creed 3 and its new American setting.

Alternative: Give one of the Civilization games a try. There They are available on multiple systems as well as the IPad.

I love CSI and crime procedurals. Is there anything like that as a game?
You should try: Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is one of the most unique games I’ve ever had the chance to play. Following along the story of a serial murderer, as the player you get to investigate the story from different points of view and piece together the story as your player characters do. Additionally, rather than focusing on gunplay or fighting, the game focuses on the discovery of information. That combined with multiple potential outcomes depending on your choices and success throughout makes Heavy Rain a game that sticks with you and makes you wonder, what am I missing?

Alternatives: Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City both feature extensive game play based around solving riddles and finding clues. While it may also require you to fight supervillains, fans of mystery solving will find this to be a great option. LA Noire is also a great chance to try solving crime with the added bonus of a retro setting and design.

I am playing with a non-gamer friend or I am a non-gamer trying things out for the first time. What would be a great option?
You should try: Portal

Available on numerous systems and the PC, Portal is a great entry-level game for new gamers and a great experience for experienced players. Its success for new players can also be demonstrated through its use as a teaching tool in schools to demonstrate physics and math. Additionally, it is a quick game and most people can finish it in under 3 hours.

Alternatives: The Left 4 Dead series is a great option for inexperienced gamers who would rather shoot guns than portals. The controls are simple and difficulty settings are forgiving. For our less horror friendly newbies, try out a fighting game like Marvel Vs. Capcom or Super Smash Brothers. While it won’t be easy for them at first, these games are quick to pick up on and fun even if you are just mashing buttons.

I want to play tennis. I really miss Pong.
You should try: Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort

Do you have a Wii? If so, you are in luck because one of the things that the Wii does best is tennis and table tennis. While it might not be the most challenging or the most original of games, there is very little as fun as defeating an opponent at a game and seeing your little Mii dance around in victory.

Alternative: You still can buy Pong, check out searches on Amazon for Pong to find both classic systems and plug and play versions for modern televisions.

Do you need some guidance on what the right game for you is? Leave your questions in the comments and we’ll address them in a future post.

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