Mass Mentions: What was your first screen name?

This week we asked, "Do you remember your first screen name? What did you use it for? #massmentions."
@MacgirlsAdv: When I was 14 and had an online journal, before they were called blogs! It was 'purple rose' #massmentions
@abandy: AllieBundy13-- for AIM. I was-- you guessed it-- 13 years old
@FireworkDeLune: hanako66 circa 1992 I think? Carried me through chatrooms for almost a decade
@eeelishalynn: LynnSMB42 circa 1998 for PurpleMoon (so old!), Livejournal, and AIM
@CampfireChic: Antifasion for AOL. Back when you were limited to 10 characters for your sn.
@JenniferMabe: angelbaby1073 and I used it for aol about 14 years ago
@bethfury: behappy52 on aol, used it throughout high school
@DaisyatHome: I have used so many names I can't remember the first. One of the earliest was Crickett_19 circa 1995, 19 was my birthday, not age.
@ourcitylights: Mine had "grrrl" in it, but # of r's unknown
@AGirl_InTransit: my first ones were plaidchicka and prelilangel
@srslyliz: “Egurl2003” hahahah
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