Mass Mentions: What was your first CD?

This week we asked, "Today the CD turns 30! Do you remember your first compact disc? #massmentions."
@ourcitylights: Green Day's Dookie.
@mandyannecurtis: Mine were Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas and Boyz II Men's Christmas Interpretations. #massmentions
@thetinysea: Brooks and Dunn's 'Brand New Man.' lmao :)
@Mopalicious1: mine was Salt n' Pepa! Haha I was like, 7!
@CampfireChic: my first CDs were The Wallflowers: bringing down he horse; Ace if Base: the bridge; & Mariah Carey: Daydream. #1995
@thedeadformat: Selena, Amor Prohibido. That's right.
@runningboard: my 1st CD ever was Linea 77's Too Much Happiness Makes Kids Paranoid, bought from Bionic Records in Fullerton. #RIPBionic
@vividot: my first cd was The Bodyguard soundtrack. It was a gift along w/ my first cd player (a jvc that lasted thru college)
@TishChambers: I still remember the day I got my very own CD player and my first CD- Spice Girls SPICEWORLD! (My brother got it, too! Ha!)
@iamemmamusic: Sarah Vaughan's The Divine One
@JenniferMabe: Daydream by Mariah Carey, I got a Best Buy gift certificate for my 11th birthday. The PC was my only way to play it.
@emilymayhem: It was some kind of "silly songs for kids" CD that included Purple People Eater and a song about meatballs. I think I was about 6.
@Drussy2: Michael Jackson's OFF THE WALL.
@cadiec: dookie was my first cd, I still have it...
@FireworkDeLune: The Simpsons Sing the Blues
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