Great Games On Demand

With the launch of video game system based marketplaces for XBox, PS3, and Wii, smaller developers and unique games have been able to grab an audience and give players new options without heading out to the store. However, sometimes sorting through the options can be overwhelming especially when you are just looking for something fun to try out.
If you’re looking for some great games that are showing the different risks developers are taking, try one of the games below:

Journey (Available via Playstation Network)

When I say that the cost of my PS3 was worth it if the only game I ever played was Journey, I’m being completely serious. While I don’t want to spoil any parts of the game, it is one of the most beautiful, most moving, and unique games I’ve ever played. The team behind the game at Thatgamecompany have been pushing boundaries and limits within gaming, and Journey is a thesis statement for what can be accomplished in the medium. While not a long game at roughly 2-3 hours, the replay value is still there after completing it due to a unique aspect of gameplay. During your path throughout the game, you will meet and interact with other players that you can not talk to. Rather, as a experienced player, you can help lead them through the story or as a new player, you can help better understand gameplay by watching your partner through the level. I reccomend this game to anyone who will listen, but be prepared to have some very big emotions by the end and, if you are like me, a box of tissues at the ready.

Magic the Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers (Available via Playstation Network and XBox Marketplace)

Magic the Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers is a series based around the popular collectible card game of the same name. While the card game can be prohibitively expensive and difficult for newcomers, the video game provides you with set decks to play with in order to jump right into gameplay. The game also works well for people who have played MtG in the past, allowing you to jump into a game without deck construction or pulling your old cards out of storage. One added bonus of the digital format is also the addition of great animation and the chance to play against people from around the world. It is surprisingly easy to get hooked on interaction and card battle, just be prepared when you start getting curious about what the game is like offline.

Jet Set Radio (Available via XBox Marketplace)

One of the greatest parts of the growth in ondemand games downloads has been the experience to replay favorite games from systems you no longer own or try out a well-loved game that you never got to experience. Jet Set Radio is a great example of a game you may have missed that you should try giving a shot. Full of 90s retro nostalgia, the game makes you a brightly colored rollerblading graffiti tagger. With a soundtrack of upbeat dance music and a group of characters in the raver pants you remember from your youth, Jet Set Radio is basically Tony Hawk set in Tokyo. You gather points by doing awesome tricks and leaving your graffiti mark around the city, while escaping from the cops who want to stop you. It is a surprisingly addictive game that has not lost any of its enjoyment in its old age.

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