Tech Support featuring iPhone 5 // iOS 6

Most of us are tired of hearing about Apple, but, since there are others of us who are overwhelmed with all the information on the topic, we chose our favorites so you don't have to scramble.

+ There are so many great features to the new update, Refinery 29 took a cue from Gizmodo  and listed their favorite features that would make your life easier.

+ Engadget breaks down the ultimate iPhone 5 review.

+ Missing all the awesome things Google Maps had to offer? Here's an app Swiss Miss recommends in the meantime while Google gets their app together to bring it back.

+ Some of us are getting the iPhone as early as tomorrow. Instead of using it naked, caseless and vulnerable, GeekSugar has you (and your new iPhone) covered.

+ iPhone lines are a universal bond, as CNN shows us.

+ Verizon folks will get faster 4G than anyone else according to PC mag.

+ More tips and tricks to the new update from WSJ.

There are so many more to update, and as soon as the iPhones start arriving, you'll be more overwhelmed. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up to date info.

And if you're REALLY sick of Apple, then just be warned the Apple Mini announcement and buzz will be coming your way. In the meantime, check out our other recommendations for other phones (I promise, no Apple news).

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