Playing with your Friends - Great Co-Op Games for All Systems

Sometimes gaming can feel like a solitary habit, playing against faceless users in multiplayer co-op games or working through a single player storyline. But luckily, there are numerous different games that are great to play with a friend that you can check out.

Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2
While zombie video games are numerous and differing in quality, Left 4 Dead and its sequel are examples of the genre done right. But while the game is playable as a single player, the real fun and strategy come from group play. As the zombies swarm your extraction zone, do you want to trust the computer character to have your back or your friend in the room with you letting you know the helicopter is landing?

Portal 2
If you looking for a great way to test out the strength of your relationship with your significant other or the depth of your friendship, consider the Portal 2 co-op levels. But while extremely difficult and patience trying, it is also completely fun and perpetually hilarious to make your robot avatars high-five each other. The strength of the Portal series gameplay is improved upon by the negotiation and collaboration of two players and puzzle-solving together.

New Super Mario Brothers
The Wii’s greatest games are normally with the characters that make Nintendo famous. New Super Mario Brothers is no exception and a great argument about why the Wii is one of the best systems for a party. Playable with four simultaneous players, it is both a race to the finish and a fight to the end, bouncing on top of and sprinting past your fellow competitors. It will remind you of the fun of the original Mario games and the arguments about who had to be Luigi.

Ticket to Ride
For many IPad owners, a selling point for the tablet is its strength as a gaming device. For this IPad owner and board game fan, the selling point grew when I considered the ability to bring a closet full of games on a single tablet. Ticket to Ride is a great example of a game whose port over to the IPad is beautiful and is a ton of fun playing with a friend sitting beside you. While there are a ton of classic board games like Scrabble and Backgammon that you can try out, why not give a chance to a new game that is a great way to kill time during a layover in an airport.

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