Meet the Everpurse

At Gadchick we question every gadget we come by. We're cautious of any tech toy that focuses more on the style or pink than the function of it. If an item answers our major question, then we love and rave about it. How will this gadget make my life easier? The style is a plus, but the function is a must (err, sorry).
As an iPhone user (and I know there are a few out there), it's my work office, my social media connections, and on some busy days replaces my computer. Sometimes I forget to bring the battery or just don't have access to a charger. Then I found Everpurse...

It's a charger. And a clutch. It's functional and stylish. It's not available yet, but if you love the idea, help out their Kickstarter!

I hope they come out with an Android option. Read more about it here.

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