Mass Mentions: How old were you when you got your first phone?

This week we asked, "How old were you when you first received your first cell phone? How many have you had since?? #massmentions"
@chelseabird: 15! I can't even remember how many I've had since then. I had multiples of so many phones because they always seemed to bug out!
@daringfeline: 12, 7
@remindsmeofyou: 1999, age 17. Had 12 since (personal & work).
@_AshleyMoore: Got my first cell when I went off to uni at 19. I've had only 3 in the last 10 years. #massmentions
@TheMarchOwl: 15 and I have had 7 cell phones since then. so a different one every year!
@tracyleeeee: 16. It was a riveting red-orange Nokia that lit up in a "snake" fashion. 9 years later, I've had a total of 6 diff ones.
@Mopalicious1: I was 16 when I got my first and ive had, I think, 7 since (8 years).
@emilymayhem: Got my first in 6th grade. I've had 7 total, including that one and the one I have now.
@CampfireChic: I was 13 and got that Nokia phone in orange! Im on my 5th phone now, 13 years later
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  1. I was 16 and got a cute purple motorola phone, in 2003. Ive had 6 since.